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Leading the way

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s dedicated senior leadership team leads students, faculty, and staff in building for what’s next.

Alexander Triantis

Alexander Triantis


Alexander Triantis is third dean of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. He joined the Carey Business School in 2019. An expert in the areas of corporate financial strategy and valuation, Triantis believes a strong business education for the 21st century should be modeled on a three-prong approach that includes, interdisciplinary collaboration, experiential learning, and online learning.




Valerie Suslow

Vice Dean for Faculty and Research

Valerie Suslow is professor and vice dean for faculty and research, and Teaching & Learning. Suslow’s academic research focuses on the economics of explicit price fixing and cartel operations, specifically the determinants of cartel duration and how organizational features of cartels contribute to their stability. 




Kevin Frick

Vice Dean for Education

Kevin Frick is professor and vice dean for education. He leads the Carey Office of Education, which includes the Registrar’s Office and the Office of Institutional Data and Analytics, as well as all aspects of student development and services, advising, financial aid administration, admissions and academic programs, and international collaboration efforts.




Chris Bauman

Associate Dean for Finance and Administration

Chris Bauman is the associate dean for finance and administration. His responsibilities include the Carey School’s finances, facility operations, human resources, information technology, office space management, and crisis and risk management.




Greg Bowen

Greg Bowden

Associate Dean for Development and Alumni Relations

Greg Bowden is the associate dean for development and alumni relations and he leads the school’s fundraising and alumni activities. Bowden has more than 20 years of experience in development and strategic leadership.




Oksana Carlson

Assistant Dean for Global Collaborations

Oksana Carlson is assistant dean for global collaborations. She provides leadership to the full-time MBA program. Additionally, she oversaw master’s programs, and Carey’s international initiatives. Since 2014, she has focused on initiatives in Asia.



jill green

D. Jill Green

Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Experience

D. Jill Green is the associate dean for admissions and student experience. Green joined Carey as associate dean for student development before taking over leadership of the student recruitment and academic programs.



Justin Habash

Justin Habash

Assistant Dean for Teaching and Learning

Justin Habash is assistant dean for Teaching & Learning at the Carey Business School. He leads Teaching & Learning, which works to support and enhance student-centered learning and teaching excellence.



kiera hynninen

Kiera Hynninen

Associate Dean for Global Marketing and Communications

Kiera Hynninen is the associate dean for global marketing and communications where she oversees school communications in addition to branding, marketing, creative and communications/public relations. 



Lasse Mertins

Lasse Mertins

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs 

Lasse Mertins is associate dean for academic affairs. He works with faculty and staff on scheduling and coordinating courses, recruiting part-time faculty, and enhancing support of teaching and research.




Christy Murray

Assistant Dean for Career Development

Christy Murray is assistant dean for career development. She oversees the school’s Career Development Office, which works to prepare students to be competitive candidates in the global business community and strengthens employer relationships to recruit Carey talent across the globe. 



Pamela Williams

Pamela Williams

Assistant Dean for Executive Education

Pamela Williams is assistant dean for executive education. Williams oversees all aspects of Executive Education at Carey and has been instrumental in establishing and growing the program since 2015.