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Online business school students and flexible online programs

Central to online education at the Carey Business School is the promise that our online students receive the same rigorous Johns Hopkins quality education delivered in-person. Additionally, Carey Business School’s programs are designed for maximum flexibility by giving students the option to choose courses both online and in-person.

With our Online Flexible MBA program, you can tailor your schedule to your personal and professional obligations, while having the same access to experiential learning, student organizations, and networking opportunities as our in-person programs.

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Financing your online MBA

You want to get your online MBA, but you are concerned about how to pay for it. Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has a number of ways to help you pay for the degree you seek. Here are six ways to pay for your Online MBA.

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Online student experience

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online courses are offered in eight-week terms.

Online courses are offered in eight-week terms with five terms per year. Most students take two courses per term, putting you on track to complete an MBA in under three years and an MS in under two years. You will work with an academic advisor to craft a schedule that meets your needs and may take additional or fewer courses based on your schedule.

Courses feature predominantly asynchronous learning activities, which may be completed at any time. Some courses recommend or require synchronous learning activities, which occur in real time. The asynchronous format allows for students to complete weekly assignments on a schedule that works for them.

Online courses are as rigorous as in-person courses, and online students have access to all of the university resources available to on-site students. These include the Student Success Center, library services, student organizations, and career coaching. Online students also have access to additional specialized services designed for online learning.

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Online programs

The Carey Business School is committed to educating in a way that meets the demands of their busy schedules. Carey Business School online programs allow students to flex their time, but not their standards.

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