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The business of health is constantly advancing. Now more than ever, health care cannot be treated with traditional business fundamentals. Leaders need specialized industry knowledge to bring innovations to market and lead through change. 

Embedded in the broader Johns Hopkins University ecosystem, Carey is uniquely positioned to integrate sophisticated health markets thought leadership with the real-time experience of Johns Hopkins Health System.

Tap into the power of Johns Hopkins with cutting-edge research, faculty experts, degrees, executive education, experiential learning, alumni programs, and more.

Over 25%
of our faculty specialize in the business of health
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Our faculty experts are on the cutting of research initiatives to advance the business of health. 

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Experiential Learning

The business of health won’t be forged by textbooks and lectures alone. That’s why we take the classroom to the field, the field to the classroom, and drive innovations to market. Put your business education to work with health-focused experiential learning courses, co-curricular opportunities, case competitions, student organizations, and more.


"At Johns Hopkins, we work together to bring people across disciplines and departments to try to find real-world solutions to problems."

Joanna Fadel, MA/MBA, '21

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