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Leadership in a new era of health care

Led by Johns Hopkins faculty and leading experts, our Health Care courses are designed to transform health care practices in an ever-changing environment. Learn how to approach new challenges, devise strategies for developing products and solutions, and how to drive innovation.

Behavioral Economics for Health Care

Patients' medical outcomes (and health outcomes more broadly) depend on more than just medical treatment. In behavioral economics for health care, participants learn the impact that behavioral factors affecting patients, doctors, and their interaction can have on decision-making, costs, treatment path, wellness, and even survival. In this course, participants will explore how psychological biases, reference points, environmental cues, heuristics, and habits play a role in everything from prescriptions, testing, continuity of patient treatment, and more.

This course will prepare you to:

  • Understand how behavioral economics can have short and long-term effects on patient outcomes.
  • Apply the standard neoclassical economics model to health care.
  • Examine how psychological biases can impact patient care.
  • Make more systemic decisions that will impact successful patient care.
  • Develop a roadmap for incorporating behavioral economics into your practice to become a more effective leader.

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Health Care Leadership Summit

Network with peers and hear the latest insights from industry experts in our one-day, fully virtual Health Care Leadership Summit on Saturday, October 8. This year’s summit features guest speaker M. Shafeeq Ahmed, president of Howard County General Hospital and an alumnus of the Johns Hopkins Health Care Leadership and Management Program, and will allow you to strengthen your strategic management practice, connect with colleagues in the industry, and earn CME credits.

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