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Accessibility Statement

The Carey Business School at Johns Hopkins University is committed to making every possible effort to ensure that all electronic and information technology developed and maintained by the school is accessible to people with disabilities. We will continue to make accessibility a priority in the development of all websites affiliated with the school.

Carey faculty, staff, and students can use the following JHU-approved resources to support their efforts in making their work as accessible as possible:

Disability Services

As Johns Hopkins University works to foster diversity and build a campus culture of inclusion, it is committed to ensuring people with disabilities enjoy full participation in the university’s programs, services, and activities. Students who may need an accommodation should contact the Carey Business School's Student Disability Services at 410-234-9243 or carey.disability@jhu.edu. Faculty/Staff should contact the Office of Institutional Equity at 410-516-8075 or OIEdisability@jhu.edu to request a workplace accommodation. In all cases, accommodation requests should be made as soon as possible so that they can be coordinated and implemented in the timeframe needed. For more information about accessibility at JHU, please visit accessibility.jhu.edu.


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Notice of Use of Student/Employee Images Students and employees who are present in facilities operated by the Carey Business School are subject to having their images captured, such as by photograph, video or electronic means. In addition to the use for security of personnel and facilities, the school reserves the right to use images of students and employees in their ordinary activities to promote the school. Such images may be used in paper brochures, electronic format on the internet, or other media. By your presence in these facilities you consent to capture of your image and use by the school.


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