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Building for What's Next with AI

At Carey Business School, we are building on our strengths as a world-renowned research institution to explore and deploy AI in meaningful, impactful ways for the betterment of society. 

Leveraging the university’s reputation for excellence and leadership, and legacy of unwavering humanity and boundless curiosity, we are becoming the leading university center for data science and application - one that makes emphatic contributions to scholarship and society in vital fields.

"We have access to more information than ever before in human history. And how we gather, analyze, and interpret this vast ocean of information will indelibly shape our collective future. Johns Hopkins is approaching this moment from a foundation of extraordinary assets and talents.”

Ron Daniels, President, Johns Hopkins University

News and Research

The imperative for purposeful AI regulation in health care

As we look forward with anticipation to an AI-powered health care future, how do we regulate AI purposefully to ensure that it enhances rather than hinders the practice of medicine? Read more about AI regulation in health care.

Learning AI ‘From Its Core’: Inside Professor Tinglong Dai’s Course

The growth of artificial intelligence and its wholehearted embrace by business higher education has surprised even those who have long studied it. Read more about Professor Tinglong Dai teaching a first-of-its-kind MBA course called Data Science: Artificial Intelligence.

Who should lead organizations’ adaptation to AI?

Professor Rick Smith encourages chief human resources officers to take a holistic view of human capital with a focus on strategy execution, including AI, to provide value for the future. Read more about How organization can adapt AI.

AI and Health Equity

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Artificial intelligence is rapidly transforming the health care industry, and we must be vigilant to ensure that these technological advancements bring equitable outcomes. AIHE aims to address the promises, challenges, and ethical dilemmas of Al in health care, and to serve as springboard for research, outreach, and policy efforts. Read more about the The Artificial Intelligence for Health Equity (AIHE) series.

Friend or Foe? Teaming between AI and Workers 

As artificial intelligence (AI) applications become more pervasive, it is critical to understand how knowledge workers with different levels and types of experience can team with AI for productivity gains. Read more about workers Teaming with AI.

Medical Artificial Intelligence with a Purpose

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Carey Business School researchers aim to develop broadly applicable principles and insights to incorporate AI into the doctor’s office and other health care settings. Read more about launching the Johns Hopkins Workgroup on AI and Healthcare


Read more about AI at JHU Carey


MBA Candidate and Dean’s Scholar James Po-Chiang Ting, on his second-place win at the AI Student Club’s AI Hackathon, “The joy of using AI to solve real-world issues made it all worthwhile. The experience not only sharpened my technical abilities but also highlighted the enormous potential of AI in determining the future of business.”

Fall 2024 AI Hackathon

Centers and Initiatives

Center for Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence

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The Center for Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence (CDHAI) is an academic center that conducts cutting-edge research at the intersection of digital technologies, analytics, artificial intelligence and health care. CDHAI seeks to create knowledge that will facilitate and accelerate the digital transformation of health care and wider application of unbiased and ethical AI for health. 

Learn more about CDHAI


Human Capital Development Lab

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The Human Capital Development Lab (HCD Lab) takes a cross-disciplinary focus on key challenges facing human capital leaders around the world. As a development lab, the affiliated faculty strive to bridge the rigor of academic research with the pragmatic needs of business leaders, policy makers, and professional associations. To support this goal, the HCD Lab is actively engaged with external partners, including businesses, associations, and government agencies. 

Learn more about the HCD Lab


Hopkins Business of Health Initiative

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The Hopkins Business of Health Initiative integrates the scholarship across Johns Hopkins University including the Carey Business School, Bloomberg School of Public Health, School of Nursing, and School of Medicine around a shared vision of a healthier America, supported by an affordable and equitable, high-value health system. In pursuit of this vision, our work focuses on the role of business and incentives through rigorous, objective, non-partisan, interdisciplinary research.

Learn more about HBHI


Leveraging AI For Business Success

This Executive Education course is developed for managers and leaders who want to understand the capabilities and features of AI/ML, enhance their practical understanding of potential applications, and learn about what it takes for an organization to become “AI-Ready.” Learn more about Leveraging AI for Business Success.

AI: Principles and Business Applications

This course covers the foundations of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies with emphasis on their business application. Read more about AI: Principles and Business Applications

Data Science: Artificial Intelligence

This course introduces key concepts of AI, including its mathematical, computational, and economic foundations, and how to manage and lead businesses in the age of AI. Read more about Data Science: Artificial Intelligence

AI Essentials for Business (formerly Big Data: Machine Learning)


Phillip Phan
Alonzo and Virginia Decker Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Phillip Phan, PhD

Media Contact

To arrange an interview with one of our faculty or AI experts, please contact:

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