Undergraduate Business Minor

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Business minor for Johns Hopkins undergraduate students

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School offers Johns Hopkins undergraduates a focused, quantitative business minor that will prepare you for careers in small companies, major corporations, consultancies, as well as acceptance into graduate business programs.

Position yourself as a leader among your peers in the private sector, government, the non-profit sector, and the world of social enterprises. Graduating with a business minor, you will have the opportunity to enter a variety of business careers such as finance, management, real estate, marketing, accounting, and consulting.

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At the conclusion of the program, you will be able to:

  • Enter a variety of careers such as finance, management, real estate, marketing, accounting and consulting.
  • Create, analyze, and implement value propositions about projects and products for the benefit of various stakeholders, from shareholders to local communities.
  • Establish and manage brands and products as well as institutions and organizations.
  • Build, manage, and grow valuable and lasting relationships with clients, customers, shareholders, creditors, and local communities.
  • Recognize, understand, capitalize on, and generate changing trends in local and global economies.
  • Be a responsible business leader and an engaged citizen of your communities, cities, and countries.

The business minor offers an instructional program that combines critical analysis and theoretical grounding in a broad set of required courses and hands-on experience through an experiential capstone course.

Undergraduate Business Minor Requirements

The Undergraduate Business Minor will require a total of 24 credits.

Required Courses:

  • BU.667.310 Business Analytics and Statistics (3)
  • BU.667.311 Economics for Decision Making (3)
  • EN.660.203 Financial Accounting (3)
  • BU.667.312 Marketing Management (3)
  • BU.667.313 Principles of Finance (3)
  • BU.667.314 Operations Management (3)
  • BU.667.315 Organizational Management (3)
  • BU.667.400 Business Capstone (3)

Declaring the Minor

Students can declare the minor via SIS. Hover over the Registration tab in SIS and select “online forms.” Complete the “add a new major/minor” form. 

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