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Changing Business is the research newsletter of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School faculty. Each quarterly issue explores impactful, cutting-edge research that shapes business, policy, and society.

Carey is the business school of Johns Hopkins University, America’s first academic research institution. Using an interdisciplinary approach, Carey's faculty seeks to address the world's most pressing problems by applying a diversity of expertise in analytics, leadership, finance, marketing, and strategy to numerous topics including the business of health.

In this issue

gordon gao

Information Systems

Impact on the Business of Health

Making online physician reviews more effective

Gordon Gao seeks to quantify the relationship between online ratings and the underlying quality of physicians, and how online ratings impact consumers. Read more

cassandra chambers

Management & Organization

Impact on innovation and technology

When non-monetary rewards have negative impacts

Cassandra Chambers examined the behavior of contributors to a popular online computer programming community. Her finding could offer important insights for business leaders, particularly those managing a remote workforce. Read more

deeksha gupta


Impact on social and societal change

Measuring societal impact in the here and now

Deeksha Gupta’s research examines the pace of change involving socially responsible investing in private capital markets and finds a “sea change” may be required in the way impact investors and the firms they acquire are incentivized. Read more.

Latest Research

High-Frequency Location Data Shows That Race Affects the Likelihood of Being Stopped and Fined for Speeding--Alec Brandon

AI Chatbots in Customer Service: Adoption Hurdles and Simple Remedies--Evgeny Kagan, Maqbool Dada

Cognitive Decline and Dynamic Selection--Michael E. Darden

An Equilibrium Factor Model of Price Impacts--Yu An

COVID-19 Unemployment and Access to Statin Medications in the United States--Manuel Hermosilla, Dan Polsky

Awards and Recognition

Johns Hopkins receives $1.6 million NIH grant to commercialize innovations to treat substance use disorders--Phillip Phan, Supriya Munshaw

Johns Hopkins Discovery Awards: 2022 Awardees--Chen Cheng, Tinglong Dai, Haiyang Yang

Johns Hopkins Catalyst Awards: 2022 Awardees--Haiyang Yang

Upcoming Opportunities

Conference on Health IT and Analytics
May 4-6, 2023

The Conference on Health IT and Analytics is an annual summit that brings together prominent scholars from more than 40 research institutes with policy leaders and practitioners to discuss opportunities and challenges in the design, implementation, and management of health information technology and analytics. 


Carey Experts in the News

CNN Money, Why celebrities are so interested in the unglamorous world of private equity,--Jeff Hooke

New York Times, They were entitled to free care. Hospitals hounded them to pay.--Ge Bai

CNBC, An economic index is flashing a recession warning sign, but it may be a ‘mixed signal.’ Here’s what you need to know,--Alessandro Rebucci

Wall Street Journal, Everybody talks about made in America. But it isn’t that simple.--Tinglong Dai

CNNDebt ceiling fights aren’t new. The next one could unleash ‘Armageddon’--Kathleen Day

Philadelphia InquirerTwo decades after a patient died in his gene-therapy trial, Penn's Jim Wilson has a new approach--to be tested in babies,--Supriya Munshaw