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Student organizations provide opportunities for you to gain and share knowledge, build and expand your professional network, and feel a sense of belonging through engaging with a diverse array of student organizations. Student organizations are open to everyone and are designed to engage all online, on-campus, part-time, or full-time students. 

Through an active role of leading a student organization, you will build skills in team leadership, strategic planning, project management, and design thinking.  Whether it’s planning a national conference, designing a case competition, networking with industry experts, or hosting community events, student organizations host programs on the hottest topics in business. 

Industry and professional organizations

Africa Business Club

The Africa Business Club increases awareness of the business opportunities on the African continent. Organization activities are professional, educational, and social in nature and open to all members of Carey Business School.  Annual event: Africa Business Conference. Contact: 

Hopkins Biotech Network

Hopkins Biotech Network is a student organization that brings together students across Johns Hopkins University to create a biotech community. Activities focus on critical issues and career development in biotechnology by bridging the gap between the three main stakeholders in the biotech field: industry, academia, and government. Annual event: BioTech Pitch Event. Contact:

Business Analytics and Risk Management Organization

The Business Analytics and Risk Management Organization brings together students across industries to network with risk professionals and synthesize market insights. Contact:

Health Care Business Association

The health care industry's impact on national and international spending continue to grow. The Health Care Business Association serves as source of education, discussion, and leadership in the business of health care. Annual events: Business of Healthcare Conference and the Danaher Case Competition. Contact:

Information Systems Organization

The Information Systems Organization brings together students interested in management information technology and information technology consulting. Activities expand members' knowledge about how technology is used by companies and help students build their network with industry professionals. Contact: 

The Johns Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club

The Johns Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club introduces graduate students and staff across Johns Hopkins University to a career in business consulting. Activities help students develop business knowledge and consulting skills, network with experienced professionals and established firms, and build experiences in leadership, teamwork, and communication. Annual event: Scope-a-thon (a sprint consulting opportunity with community partners). Contact: 

Student Marketing Association

The Student Marketing Association helps students build their marketing skills through practical work opportunities, compete in case competitions, and connect with alumni and professionals in the marketing industry. Annual event: Business Marketing Simulation. Contact:

Private Equity, Venture Capital, and FinTech Club

The Private Equity, Venture Capital, and FinTech Club builds awareness of industries relevant to equity and capital building, prepares students to enter the industry, and fosters networking opportunities between students, alumni, and industry leaders. Annual event: Venture Capital Investment Competition. Contact:

Real Estate and Investment Association

The Real Estate and Investment Association facilitates networking between students and industry professionals. Activities build a bridge between academic interests and professional concerns and connect alumni in the real estate industry with current students preparing to enter or reenter the profession. Hosts regular site visits to real estate locations in Baltimore and Washington D.C. Contact:

Identity and cultural organizations

Black, Hispanic, and Indian Association

The Black, Hispanic, and Indian Association enhances the experience of diverse students pursuing advanced business degrees. Club activities include professional development and networking opportunities. Annual event: Business Leader Roundtable. Contact:

Chinese Students and Scholars Association

The Chinese Student Scholar Association serves all the Chinese students and faculty members, better unites the Carey Business School’s Chinese community and enhances the interaction between Chinese traditions and American culture. The club works closely with the Chinese Embassy and the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. Annual event: The U.S. China Summit. Contact:

Jewish Business Association

The Jewish Business Association supports and promotes Jewish students with community building and professional opportunities. Activities align with the Jewish National Graduate Student Initiative. Contact:

Out for Business

Out for Business promotes an inclusive, open, and welcoming environment for LGBTQ students and straight allies alike. Out for Business encourages the recruitment of LGBTQ students, administrators, staff, and faculty and improves awareness of LGBTQ issues within Carey Business School and beyond. Activities also include networking opportunities with other LGBTQ communities, other business schools, and diversity-friendly employers. Contact:

Pan Asian Career Association

The Pan Asian Career Association promotes international communication between China and the U.S. through student career development.  Annual event: The U.S. China Summit. Contact:

Student Veteran Network

The Student Veterans Network serves prospective military candidates, current student-veterans, and Carey Business School alumni. Through recruiting, coaching, preparing, and connecting high-caliber veterans to the professional world at large, the Student Veterans Network encourages meaningful connections and impactful opportunities to utilize veterans’ strengths and skillsets. Contact:

Women in Business

Through empowerment, advocacy for equality, and skill development, Women in Business prepares students to become future leaders. Students make meaningful connections and create a supportive community of female business professionals throughout Carey Business School, Baltimore, and beyond. Annual event: Stoop Storytelling Night and Girls Empowerment Event. Contact:

Innovation and impact organizations

Design for America

Design for America is an award-winning nationwide network of interdisciplinary student teams and community members using design thinking to create local and social impact. Design for America teaches human-centered design to students and collaborating community partners through student-led design studios tackling national challenges in education, health, economy, and environment.  Annual event: The DFA Project Showcase. Contact:

Innovation Factory

Innovation Factory is dedicated to inspiration and facilitation. Activities, such as competitions and networking events, show students the potential of bringing change and bring students together with experts across fields.  Annual event:  Student Start-Up Challenge. Contact:

International Family Business Association

International Family Business Association connects students involved in family-owned businesses around the world. The goal of the IFBA is to explore the unique challenges that family-owned businesses experience and engage with alumni to share real-world industry insights. Events include speaker series, case studies, and volunteering. Contact:

Net Impact

Net Impact is a community of more than 60,000 student and professional leaders creating positive social and environmental change in the workplace and the world. The Carey Business School Net Impact chapter engages business students committed to using their skills to make a positive change in the greater Baltimore region. Activities expose students to different sectors and industries where people are making an impact, connect like-minded students and professionals, and foster skill-building programs. Annual event: Net Impact Conference. Contact:


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