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About the Student Success Center

The Student Success Center offers current Johns Hopkins Carey Business School students free assistance with core classes through workshops and group tutoring. The Student Success Center’s goals are to help students develop their own reading, writing, analytical, and quantitative abilities to become skilled critical thinkers of their own work in both academic and professional settings.

To learn more about our policies and what to expect during an appointment, including what to bring, please view our policies and procedure information.

Contact information
Email: carey.tutoring

Your tutor will send you the zoom information for your appointment an hour before it begins. If you do not receive the link, it will appear on the upcoming appointments page on  tutortrac 15 minutes before the appointment begins.  You may also check the following links below

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Appointment Information

  • For detailed scheduling instructions on how to book an appointment, please review our guide.
  • Writing appointments are scheduled in 30-minute increments and are available for Business Communication and Business Leadership and Human Values.
  • Quantitative assistance is available for core quant classes through Learning Circles. Check tutortrac  for a schedule and classes offered
  • Please arrive on time with the necessary materials.
  • For quantitative appointments, students are encouraged to email subject materials to the tutor before the appointment.
  • For writing appointments, students must bring two hard copies of the written assignment as well as any necessary assignment information and rubric. Students should not email writing assignments to tutors before the appointment.
  • You must register beforehand for both writing tutoring and Learning Circles. Drop-in appointments are not available.

What SSC Tutors Do:

  • Tutors provide group tutoring to students who experience difficulty understanding course concepts.
  • SSC certified tutors will assist with writing skills, and quantitative subjects.
  • Writing tutors guide students during any stage of the writing process.
  • Quantitative tutors work with students on math concepts and problem-solving skills in a variety of courses and programming tools, such as Excel.
  • The SSC employs current students and professional tutors with expertise in the subjects and skills needed to help students in a variety of areas.
  • SSC tutors are sensitive to the many different student needs and do their best to explain concepts, make recommendations, and show students how to apply those concepts in their work.

What SSC Tutors Don't Do:

  • Although tutors can help students identify and correct certain patterns of error, tutors do not edit, proofread, or complete homework assignments and take-home exams.
  • Student Success Center tutors do not write, re-write or edit papers for students.
  • Tutors do not offer comprehensive instruction in the rudiments of English or in quantitative courses.
  • Tutors differ from teaching assistants, as they do not lecture, nor are they expected to provide course overviews.
  • Tutors are not expected to be familiar with the exact course material of specific professors but rather familiar with general concepts to help guide students.
  • SSC tutors do not work with students on non-course materials, nor do they meet with non-Carey students.

To learn more about Student Success Center policies and what to expect during an appointment, including what to bring, please view our policies and procedure information.