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About the Student Success Center

Established in 2013, the Student Success Center offers Johns Hopkins Carey Business School students free, online and campus-based, and individual and group tutoring appointments with certified peer and professional tutors on writing, presentations, and in math-based courses. Writing tutors work with students on writing assignments, presentations, and at any stage of the writing process. Quantitative tutors work with students on math concepts and problem-solving skills in a variety of courses and programming tools, such as Excel. The Student Success Center welcomes all enrolled students at the Carey Business School. We do not work with students on non-course materials, nor do we meet with non-Carey students.

The Student Success Center’s goals are to help students develop their own writing, reading, analytical, and quantitative abilities and to become skilled readers, writers, and critical thinkers of their own work in both academic and professional settings. Although tutors can help students identify and correct certain patterns of error, tutors do not edit, proofread, or complete homework assignments and take-home exams. Nor do Student Success Center tutors write papers, re-write papers, or offer comprehensive instruction in the rudiments of English or in math-based courses. 

To learn more about our policies and what to expect during an appointment, including what to bring, please view our policies and procedure information

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Harbor East Campus
Rooms 534 and 535
Adrianna Neuenschwander, Assistant Director
Washington, D.C. Campus
1717 Mass Ave, Room 317
Marisa Alger, Assistant Director


We also offer workshops on plagiarism and for writing assignments for specific courses throughout each term. Workshops are designed to provide supplemental academic support and are not a replacement for professor instruction. For quantitative courses, tutors hold exam preparation group appointments, exam crams, near final exam time. During exam crams, tutors answer student questions on course content and both tutors and students have the opportunity to assist their peers. While exam crams are a large group appointment where students are expected to ask engaging content questions, they are not a lecture or comprehensive course overview. 

At the beginning of each semester, the Student Success Center offers academic primer and U.S. informational sessions that are designed and taught by Carey faculty. Academic primer sessions provide students with basic knowledge needed to succeed in courses such as statistics and accounting. These sessions help students understand the U.S. legal system, media, and law.


For detailed scheduling instructions, please review our guide. Writing appointments are scheduled in 30-minute increments and quantitative appointments are scheduled in 60-minute increments. Please arrive on time with the necessary materials. You may also drop by the Student Success Center without an appointment. Because drop-ins are first-come, first-served, we strongly encourage making an appointment. You may drop-in on campus or online, but you are not guaranteed to be seen by a tutor if you do so. 


Our certified tutors are here to assist with writing skills, presentation skills, and quantitative subjects. We employ current students and professional tutors with expertise in the subjects and skills needed to help you in a variety of areas. While writing tutors are neither proofreaders nor editors, they can guide you during any stage of the writing process. Quantitative tutors have received outstanding GMAT/GRE scores or classroom grades and come recommended by their instructors. Our tutors are sensitive to the many different needs of students and work hard to explain concepts, make recommendations, and show you how to apply those concepts in your work. Tutors differ from teaching assistants, as they do not lecture, nor provide course overview. Tutors instead provide one-on-one and group tutoring when you experience difficulty understanding course concepts.