Africa Business Club

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Africa Business Club! The Africa Business Club is a student-led organization established to increase awareness of the business ecosystem on the African continent.

Vision: To be the premier student organization within Johns Hopkins for business in Africa. The Africa Business Club exists to champion business and career opportunities in Africa across the Johns Hopkins University. Its activities are professional, educational, and social in nature, and are open to all members of Johns Hopkins Community. At the core, the club is driven by a group of graduate students with a passion for the continuing economic, cultural, and social development of Africa.



  • To create a platform for students to interact, collaborate, and support the development of the African continent.
  • To bring Africans and friends of Africa across the Johns Hopkins Institutions together to give a voice to issues concerning Africa, and work towards providing solutions to these issues.
  • To create and foster initiatives and partnerships between organizations and governments in Africa and the Hopkins community in business, academia, and nonprofit sectors.
  • To welcome and reciprocate the support and friendship of all friends of Africa in satisfying the above objectives.


  • President: Mahamed Konfrou
  • Vice President Strategic Initiatives: AJ Erogbogbo
  • Vice President Operations: Chisom Azodoh
  • Executive Director Operations: Temitope Oso
  • Vice President Marketing Outreach and Engagement: Ola Ajayi
  • Executive Director Strategic Initiatives: Uwella Rubuga


Africa Business Conference

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4 students seated in a common area discussing papers on a table

First Student-run Africa Business Conference Stresses Connectivity, Networking

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s student-run Africa Business Club is hoping to spark a change in the narrative. That was the thrust behind this year’s Africa Business Conference, sponsored by the club and held at Carey’s Harbor East campus January 24 and 25, 2020.  

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