Human Capital Development Lab


The Human Capital Development Lab at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School aims to address the needs of industry professionals with cutting-edge and timely scholarship. 

Sustainable human capital development is critical to a thriving organization and community. Accomplishing this goal requires long-term commitment and deep understanding of the issues at stake. At the HCD Lab, we seek to support and strengthen initiatives taken at organizational and national-level by people managers and policymakers, respectively. 

Two people pointing at post it notes on a clear board brainstorming

Human capital development is a broad set of disciplines that can be considered at the individual, organizational, and national levels. At an organizational or firm level, we focus on four key elements that create a “human capital system” inside organizations:

  • Talent – attracting and managing the people capabilities needed to deliver on objectives
  • Structure – organizing the talent and work processes to align individual efforts with collective goals
  • Culture – shaping the organizational behavior, values, and common expectations towards the strategy
  • Human capital leadership – providing the direction, plans, and orientation for the human capital system
HCDL Mission Graphic with four key areas: human capital leadership, structure, culture, talent and Human Capital System at center