Javed Abed

Javad Abed, PhD

Assistant Professor of Practice
Academic AreaInformation Systems
Areas of InterestInformation systems security management, Cloud security, Data analytics, Artificial Intelligence

Javad Abed, PhD in Information Systems, joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2020. He is an Assistant Professor of Practice. He is a certified cybersecurity and cloud computing professional and has taught a variety of courses including the technical and managerial aspects of Information Systems. His research interests are in diverse settings involving behavioral and design science issues in the Information Systems field.


  • PhD, Business Administration - Information Systems, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • MSc, Information Systems, Middle East Technical University
  • BSc, Information Technology Engineering, University of Tabriz


Selected Publications

  • Javad Abed, “Digital Technology in Changing Social Relations — The Social Internet of Things: Developing a New Method for Leveraging the Friendships between IoT Devices,” In Digital Strategies and Organizational Transformation (Chapter 9), World Scientific (WS), 2023, 1-18.
  • Javad Abed and Heinz Roland Weistroffer, “Understanding Deterrence Theory in Security Compliance Behavior: A Quantitative Meta-Analysis Approach,” Southern Association for Information Systems (SAIS), Paper 28, 2016 Proceedings, 1-6.
  • Javad Abed and Gurpreet Dhillon, “A Review of the Compliance Behavior Studies in Information Systems Security Field: Current Trends and Future Directions,” In proceedings of the Annual Information Institute Conference, March, 29-30, 2016, 1-14.
  • Javad Abed and Gurpreet Dhillon, “Investigating Continuous Security Compliance Behavior: Insights from Information Systems Continuance Model,” Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS), 2016, 1-16.
  • Gurpreet Dhillon, Lemuria D. Carter and Javad Abed, “Defining Objectives for Securing the Internet of Things: A Value- Focused Thinking Approach,” Workshop on Information Security and Privacy (WISP), 2016 Proceedings, 1-18



  • Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity and data vulnerability
  • Information systems
  • Artificial Intelligence


  • Database Systems
  • Introduction to Computational Thinking
  • Fundamentals of Data Communications
  • Information Systems Plan and Project Management
  • IT Infrastructure and Security