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Sharpen key skills needed to excel beyond the classroom with Johns Hopkins Carey Business School LinkedIn Learning courses.

LinkedIn Learning is a resource available throughout your entire time as a Carey Business School student. These courses focus on a specific topic of choice for continuous learning opportunities. Whether you are looking to begin or advance your professional or technical skills, LinkedIn Learning will have a course to fit your needs.

Courses are designed to complement all academic programs to highlight skills that you will utilize throughout your time at Carey and in your future endeavors. LinkedIn Learning courses are sectioned into specific skills, with the outcomes and proficiency levels listed.

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LinkedIn Learning is available to all students upon activating their Johns Hopkins enterprise directory log-in (JHED ID) and JHU email. To access these courses, visit, navigate to Education, and find LinkedIn Learning. You will be able to freely search within the courses listed.

Explore each skill and all that LinkedIn Learning has to offer. Our list is a sampling of topics available to you, and applicable to Carey students across academic disciplines. We encourage you to take advantage of LinkedIn Learning to help you build for what’s next in your career.

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Professional Skills Courses

Technical Skills Courses

Professional Skills

APA Formatting

APA tips and tricks
Paper format
Reference Pages

Building Trust, Teamwork and Collaborating with Others


Business Communication
Oral Communication & Presenting
Written Communication

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Project  Management

Small Talk/Networking

Art of Small Talk
Conversation tips
Power of networking 

Stress Management/Wellness 

Balancing Priorities
Healthy eating / habits
Mental Health
Power of positive thoughts
Sleep techniques
Stress management techniques

Time Management

Art of delegating
Art of saying "no"
Goal setting

Values, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging

Technical Skills



Microsoft 365 






* Note that LinkedIn Learning Certificates are available when you complete courses above 

Course Proficiency Levels:


Content that applies to all audiences. Used primarily for non-teaching content, i.e. interviews and Influencer titles. Also used for select business skills courses on topics that apply across roles/job titles/skill levels (e.g. time management).


Beginner assumes little to no prior experience with this technology or skill; beginner courses typically move methodically, with lots of hand holding, especially for Tools courses.

Beginner + Intermediate

Beginner + Intermediate starts with Beginner content and takes the learner far enough along on the journey that it includes Intermediate content as well. It is used only for courses that contain both Beginner and Intermediate content.


Intermediate courses assume the equivalent of having already taken a “Learn: The Basics” course on the subject and build on this knowledge; for a tool/technology course this means we assume the student is familiar with the basic functions and interface of the tool/technology.


Advanced courses assume significant prior proficiency/competence and build on this. Technology courses require detailed explanations of how to apply in complex scenarios or how to integrate multiple technologies. There are fairly advanced courses and extraordinarily advanced courses. Resist the tendency to reserve Advanced for only extraordinarily advanced titles.