About us

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Our mission 

CDHAI generates knowledge to enable the digital transformation of health care, provides mentorship and education for the next generation of digital health experts, and aims to be a thought leader in digital health and artificial intelligence. 

Transformational knowledge includes understanding how digital health solutions can be effectively implemented and integrated into health care practice and delivery across diverse clinical and patient-focused settings. The next generation of digital health experts includes researchers, practitioners, and executives at the doctoral, masters, and executive level. Our thought leadership encompasses publishing research, and disseminating findings and best practices to influence policy and practice.   


The Center for Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence (CDHAI) is a research-focused center that collaborates with academic institutions, industry partners, and government agencies to address health care challenges.

CDHAI particularly emphasizes technology solutions that can amplify patient safety and health care quality, improve health equity and reduce healthcare disparities, and help control cost. CDHAI serves as a focal point for coordinating collaborations across stakeholders that include academia, industry, government, and policy organizations.  

CDHAI follows a partnership model for its activities. Industry and government partners provide input into the pressing challenges and opportunities confronting health care that may be addressed through digital health solutions. Researchers at CDHAI conceptualize and execute research projects in response to these challenges and opportunities, often in close engagement with stakeholders.