Experiential learning opportunities: Full-time MBA

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Gain hands-on experience tackling the toughest business challenges

Your MBA is about so much more than required readings and exams. It’s a time to push yourself out of your comfort zone, develop your unique leadership style, and work closely with clients to solve their pressing business challenges. Experiential learning is built into your MBA curriculum to give you ample opportunity to put skills learned in the classroom to work while making an impact at a client’s organization.

Graduate having completed at least four client or commercialization projects. With four required experiential courses and the option to take more as electives, personalize your MBA with the experiential learning courses built for your career goals. Learn to manage projects at all levels including identifying your client’s biggest needs, creating the project scope, research, and implementation.

In October 2021, Carey Business School was recognized with the Innovator Award for General Excellence from the MBA Roundtable for its full-time MBA experiential learning curriculum.

Anthony Jahanbakhsh (MBA, ’17) shares how he was able to utilize the skills learned in the MBA program for a capstone project in India, and how Carey Business School has helped expand his worldview by allowing him to connect with students from across the globe.

Core courses (required)

Your experiential learning curriculum is built on three sequential steps: bring the field to the classroom, takes the classroom to the field, and drive innovations to market. As you gain skills and experience, your courses grow with you, presenting increasingly challenging scenarios and opportunities.

Bring the field to the classroom

Big Data Consulting Project

Analyze a business partner’s large data set, derive managerial insights, and use your findings to present creative solutions to business challenges and opportunities.

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Take the classroom to the field

Innovation Field Project

Work in teams using rigorous data analytic methods, creative problem-solving, and the leadership skills learned in the first year of your full-time MBA to evaluate a complex business issue.  Working in teams and alongside a faculty advisory, spend five weeks in the classroom preparing and up to three weeks on-site at your client’s organization.

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three fulltime mba student standing outside in front of the skyline discussing
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Advising Project Teams

Organizations commonly rely on teams to get work done. At the same time, the effectiveness of teams can vary greatly depending on the its leadership and processes. In this experiential course, further develop your capacity to lead teams by advising an Integrative Field Project team.

Applied Behavioral Strategy for Organizational and Social Impact

Work with a Baltimore or Washington, D.C. organization to gain a theoretical and practical understanding of consumer and employee behavior. Embark on a team project to learn about the power of incentives as well as “choice architecture”—altering the context in which individuals make decisions.


Partner with existing economic and community development projects to position yourself for a career in urban innovation and entrepreneurial business with social impact.

Client Consulting Practicum/Health Care Strategy Consulting Practicum

In this two-course series, work as a consultant to address the client’s existing and emerging challenges in the health care space or other industry.

Discovery to Market

Transform a scientific discovery into a viable commercial enterprise. LEARN MORE about Discovery to Market

Global Immersion

Travel abroad to experience international trade policy, financial markets, and more first-hand. LEARN MORE about Global Immersion

Strategy Consulting Practicum

Learn the analytical techniques for diagnosing the competitive position of a business and how to evaluate strategies. Then partner with a client organization analyze their business problems or opportunities and share your recommended strategic business solution.

Note: Course offerings vary by term and may change.

Non-credit opportunities

Earning your degree at Carey Business School offers so much more in addition to the curriculum. Choose the co-curricular (non-credit) experiential learning opportunities best suited for your career aspirations or join a student organization to build your own opportunities.

Explore all co-curricular opportunities.

Co-curricular highlights

Commercialization Academy Fellowship

An incubator for innovation at Johns Hopkins, the Commercialization Academy connects you with faculty, staff, and students across the university to bring over 300 new ideas to fruition and technologies to market each year.  LEARN MORE about Commercialization Academy Fellowship

Community Consulting Lab

Lead a consulting project and tackle real problems in partnership with regional nonprofits, start-ups, and small businesses. LEARN MORE about Community Consulting Lab


At the Hexcite early-stage medical software accelerator, match with Johns Hopkins care providers who have an idea to create and market a software solution that improves patient care. Join a team of graduate students from across Johns Hopkins to engage with the new health technology software from every angle and bring the care provider's innovation to market. LEARN MORE Hexcite