Commercialization Academy Fellowship

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Commercialization Academy Fellowship

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For more than 140 years, Johns Hopkins faculty, researchers, and clinicians have worked side by side in tireless pursuit of discovery. This drive for relentless advancement continues to power cutting-edge technology at the Johns Hopkins Commercialization Academy. An incubator for Johns Hopkins discoveries, the Commercialization Academy connects you with faculty, staff, and students across the university to bring 300-400 new ideas to fruition and technologies to market each year.

Apply as a Commercialization Academy marketing or business development fellow and join a team with technology analysis, intellectual property, licensing, and compliance fellows. As a team, assess new technologies and market feasibility, conduct research on potential licenses, and create the marketing strategy and materials.

Benefit from the guidance of two Carey Business School Executive Alumni Advisors throughout the fellowship. And build a network of faculty, researchers, clinicians, and other innovators across the Johns Hopkins networks.

Commercialization Academy is run by Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures.