Experiential learning opportunities: Master of Science

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Augment your MS curriculum

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Augment your course learning with co-curricular (non-credit) opportunities tailored for your career. From two-year fellowships to one-day impact sprints, put your skills to the test, tap into the Johns Hopkins ecosystem, and build your network.

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Co-curricular highlights


At the Hexcite early-stage medical software accelerator, match with Johns Hopkins care providers who have an idea to create and market a software solution that improves patient care. Join a team of graduate students from across Johns Hopkins to engage with the new health technology software from every angle and bring the care provider's innovation to market.

Impact Sprints

Farms, emergency rooms, and local Baltimore organizations provide the backdrop to put your skills to the test, emerge as a confident, strategic leader, and help local organizations overcome obstacles to increase impact.

Student Startup Challenge

Pitch your proposed business venture for the opportunity to receive over $15,000 toward your concept.

MS in Health Care Management

Put your in-depth understanding of complex health care issues to work. Apply practical management skills and build innovative business solutions for large health care issues.

MS in Health Care Management students choose a two-part experiential learning course:

  • BU.890.711/2 Health Policy Design and Implementation I and II
  • BU.890.713/4 Health Care Strategy Consulting Practicum I and II
  • BU.890.715/6 Health Services Improvement Project I and II
  • BU.890.717/8 Commercializing Biomedical Innovations I and II

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