Hexcite: Excited for Healthcare

Johns Hopkins is a community of makers and doers. We lead the way in cutting-edge medical software that improves patient care. But an idea or technology alone won’t save lives. Johns Hopkins innovators need your business acumen to launch a startup and bring their health solutions from bench to bedside.

At the Hexcite early-stage medical software accelerator program, students from across Johns Hopkins match with care providers with an idea to create and market a software solution that improves patient care. Join a team of design and engineering students while working closely with Johns Hopkins Medicine clinical faculty and staff.

Become a leader in health technology innovation

Engage with new health technology software from every angle. Serve as the team’s project manager, provide business support (defining the business model and drive the marketing strategy), and create and lead team pitches and presentations. Develop new skills at workshops on software development, design thinking, customer interviews, and wireframing.

During weekly, expert-led sessions, navigate the first steps of business and technical design to maximize the technology’s growth and business generation. Following 16-weeks of inventive programming and mentorship, Hexcite teams are well positioned to build their technology in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center, conduct an internal pilot at Johns Hopkins, and launch a Baltimore start-up.