Health, Technology, and Innovation pathway

Launch a career in the business of health.

From shifting government regulations, to innovative health technologies and increased competition, the business of health is constantly changing. Because the challenges of modern health care are too complex to address with traditional models, leaders need specialized knowledge to implement change. In the Health, Technology, and Innovation pathway, find technology-driven, human-centered solutions to complex health problems.

Capitalize on Carey Business School’s unique position in Johns Hopkins’ world-renowned health ecosystem. Partner with innovative and pioneering faculty, health practitioners, and researchers at Johns Hopkins institutions including Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Health, Technology, and Innovation curriculum

Take five required courses specifically designed for Health, Technology, and Innovation students. And add electives in areas of career focus such as consulting, finance, leading organizations, marketing, or operations management.

Build on the strong foundation provided by the Johns Hopkins MBA with a deep focus on the most pressing challenges, most significant technologies, and most exciting innovations in health.

Course highlights

Two-course highlight: End-to-End Health Breakthroughs

Design Lab (course 1): This experiential learning course provides a hands-on, data-driven decision-making experience. Manage the multiple touch points and decisions inherent in financing, research and development, contracting and negotiation, procurement, marketing, pricing, inventory management, and customer relationship management activities associated with innovative products and services.

Commercializing Discovery (course 2): In this experiential learning course, assess the feasibility of bringing health-related innovations and inventions to market. And learn to turn a nascent innovation into a real-world breakthrough that can push health care forward.


Choose from abundant co-curricular opportunities and partner with clinicians, researchers, engineers, and innovators across Johns Hopkins University to transform the next big idea into a marketable technology.

Co-curricular highlight: Hexcite

At the Hexcite early-stage medical software accelerator program, students from across Johns Hopkins match with care providers with an idea to create and market a software solution that improves patient care. Join a team of design and engineering students while working closely with Johns Hopkins Medicine clinical faculty and staff.

Engage with new health technology software from every angle. Serve as the team’s project manager, provide business support (defining the business model and driving the marketing strategy), and create and lead team pitches and presentations. Develop new skills at workshops on software development, design thinking, customer interviews, and wireframing.

Following 16-weeks of inventive programming and mentorship, Hexcite teams build their technology in partnership with the Johns Hopkins Technology Innovation Center, conduct an internal pilot at Johns Hopkins, and launch a Baltimore start-up.

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