Johns Hopkins Health and Business Internship

view from above inside a Carey study area as 5 students interact in 2 groups

Tap into the world-renowned Johns Hopkins network with a hospital administration internship.

Hone your business expertise while finding solutions for health care management and delivery.

The twelve-week, paid Johns Hopkins Health and Business Internship pairs each intern with a preceptor, a Johns Hopkins Medicine executive who mentors the intern and oversees their internship project. The intern then oversees a project optimizing business operations across Johns Hopkins Medicine.

Explore health care administration as a cohort with opportunities and group meetings beyond your individual project. Meet weekly as a cohort for additional training which ranges from guest speakers to tours of health care facilities.

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"I knew this internship was the right next step for me. It would give me that chance to work closely with [Johns Hopkins] leadership, use real data to tell a story, and make meaningful connections along the way."

Varun Venkatraman, second-year MBA

Program details

During the 2020 internship, interns:

  • Forecasted operating room bed availability for both same-day admission elective surgeries and extended surgical recovery elective surgeries
  • Created communication plans for Johns Hopkins patient education
  • Expanded remote patient monitoring for home care patients
  • Developed the financial plan for the employee call center for occupational health.
  • Analyzed the new oncology patient intake process

Additional business of health opportunities