Supriya Munshaw

Supriya Munshaw, PhD

Associate Professor of Practice and Associate Dean for Academic Programs
Academic AreaManagement & Organization
Academic AreaInnovation & Entrepreneurship
Academic AreaHealth
Areas of InterestTechnology Commercialization, Entrepreneurship, Pharmaceutical Strategy

Supriya Munshaw is an Associate Professor of Practice and Associate Dean for Academic Programs. Her primary interest lies in the commercialization of early-stage technologies especially in the life science and medical device industries. At Carey, she has taught several courses including Discovery to Market, Pharmaceutical Strategy, Statistical Analysis, Business Leadership and Human Values and, New Product Development. She also serves as the Academic Program Director of the Flexible MBA program at Carey. She was one of the founders and organizers of the Johns Hopkins Bootcamp for Biomedical Entrepreneurs and is now actively teaching Technology Entrepreneurship courses through the Executive Education Program. Outside of Carey, she is involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Baltimore by investing in and advising local tech, Biotech, and MedTech startups. Additionally, she has served as adjunct faculty for the NSF I-corps program and on several NIH SBIR grant review panels. 


  • Ph. D, Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Duke University
  • BA, Biology, Bard College


Selected publications


  • Munshaw S. & Black C. (2021). Venturing into Retail. Accepted for publication. Finalist for The Case for Women competition.
  • Black C & Munshaw S. (2021). The Values-Driven Startup. Accepted for publication. The Case for Women.
  • Munshaw, S. & Chawla, A., (2019). Pricing a new drug. In SAGE Business Cases. 

Research Publications

  • Adam A, Jain A, Pletnikova A, Bagga R, Vita A, N Richey L, Gould N, Munshaw S, Misrilall K, Peters ME. Use of a Mobile App to Augment Psychotherapy in a Community Psychiatric Clinic: Feasibility and Fidelity Trial. JMIR Form Res. 2020 Jul 3;4(7): e17722. doi: 10.2196/17722. PMID: 32618572; PMCID: PMC7367543.
  • Munshaw, S., Lee, S. H., Phan, P., & Marr, K. 2019. The influence of human capital and perceived university support on patent applications of biomedical investigators. J Technol Transf 44, 1216–1235 (2019) 
  • Wasilewski L, El-Diwany R, Munshaw S, Snider A, Brady J, Osburn W.O., Ray S.C, and Bailey J.R. (2016). A hepatitis C virus envelope polymorphism confers resistance to neutralization by polyclonal sera and broadly neutralizing monoclonal antibodies. J Virol. 90(7): 3773-82.
  • Kepler T.B., Munshaw S, Wiehe K., Zhang R., Yu J.S., Woods C.W., Denny T.N., Tomaras G.D., Alam S.M., Moody M.A., Kelsoe G., Liao H.X., Haynes B.F. (2014).  Reconstructing a B-Cell Clonal Lineage. II. Mutation, Selection, and Affinity Maturation. Front Immunol. Apr 22;5:170.
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  • Mullis, C. E., Munshaw, S., Grabowski, M. K., Eshleman, S. H., Serwadda, D., Brookmeyer, R., Nalugoda, F., Kigozi, G., Kagaayi, J., Tobian, A. A., Wawer, M., Gray, R. H., Quinn, T. C., Laeyendecker, O. (2013). Differential specificity of HIV incidence assays in HIV subtypes A and D-infected individuals from Rakai, Uganda.. AIDS research and human retroviruses, 29(8), 1146-50.
  • Bailey, J. R., Laskey, S., Wasilewski, L. N., Munshaw, S., Fanning, L. J., Kenny-Walsh, E., Ray, S. C. (2012). Constraints on viral evolution during chronic hepatitis C virus infection arising from a common-source exposure. Journal of virology, 86(23), 12582-90.

Working papers

  • Reimbursement in the Era of $2million therapies



  • Pharmaceutical Strategy
  • Discovery to Market I & II
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Design Lab

Honors and distinctions

  • Carey Teaching Innovation Grant, 2020
  • Dean’s Award for Faculty Excellence, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, 2018 and 2019
  • Diversity Recognition Award, 2019
  • Rustgi Family Fund for Entrepreneurship Award, 2015

Impact and engagement


  • Investment Partner, TCP Venture Capital, Baltimore, MD