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Financing Your Online MBA

Why it matters:

You want to get your online MBA, but you are concerned about how to pay for it. Johns Hopkins Carey Business School has a number of ways to help you pay for the degree you seek. Here are six ways to pay for your online MBA.

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Thinking of going back to school for your MBA, but unsure how to pay for it?

At Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, we understand that earning your MBA is a big investment. That’s why we’ve dedicated numerous resources to ensuring that our part-time and online MBA students have options for financing a degree. We believe in you, and we are committed to making sure you get the ROI on your degree that you are looking for.

Here are six ways you can help pay for your MBA.

1. Scholarships for part-time MBA applicants

We offer a number of scholarships that are available to our part-time and online MBA applicants. Some have been newly created just for you, like the Baltimore Business Scholarship. Others have been opened up to part-time and online MBA applicants just this year, like our Women in Business Scholarship. The best way to see if you qualify is to reach out to an admissions officer today.

2. Loans and financial aid

There are a variety of loan options available to U.S. citizens through the federal government at the best borrowing rates. At Carey Business School, we have a team dedicated to ensuring you have all the information you need to navigate this complex process. Learn more about financial aid here.

3. Endowed scholarships

Our alumni have generously donated thousands in scholarship funds that gets disbursed every year to Carey Business School students. See here for a full listing of these scholarships and whether you might qualify.

4. Employer assistance programs

Employers recognize the value an MBA can bring to the workplace. That is why many employers offer a variety of tuition-assistance programs. Each employer differs, but talk to your manager or HR representative at your company to see what options are available to you.

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average salary for part-time MBA graduates

5. Private loans

There are a variety of private organizations that grant scholarship funds to MBA students each year. We’ve compiled some of these for you here. We encourage you seek out these opportunities based on your experience and affiliations.

6. Payment plans

Carey Business School offers payment plans to help space out your tuition payments around a schedule that works for you. Talk to an admissions officer about how payment plans work, and whether you might be a good fit.

Another thing to keep in mind is that, over the course of your career, your MBA will pay for itself many times over. Our part-time MBA graduates earn an average salary of $109,018. And 58 percent of part-time MBA students reported receiving a salary increase while studying in the program. Just adding Johns Hopkins Carey Business School to your resume is proven to immediately pay dividends.


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