Lead the Way

Gain the strategies, tools, and techniques you need to transform your team, your organization, and yourself. Using a research-based approach, our industry-leading instructors teach you how to lead effective, dependable teams.

Current Executive Leadership course offerings include:

Through these courses, participants will learn how to overcome challenges, develop simple frameworks, provide successful team leadership, and consistently deliver reliable outcomes.


Leading Organizational Change

Manage change in your organization and develop a successful framework for problem-solving. Learn how to use the power of systems to overcome challenges using four simple frameworks: Change Kaleidoscope, Immunity to Change, Open Space Technology, and System Diagnostics.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Tap into their own implicit change theory
  • Discover a system to create governance
  • Diagnose the systems they are trying to change
  • Connect with faculty and peers to collaborate

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Leadership In Action

Act powerfully and courageously to overcome real-world challenges facing organizations in today's society. The Leadership in Action course will equip you with the skills you need to make a positive change in the business world. Move your organization forward, transform the work you do, and make your voice be heard in service of your purpose.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Explore their personal leadership paradigm
  • Understand theory of leadership
  • Design powerful leader-shift questions
  • Generate new possibilities for their organization
  • Enhance leadership skills with an experiential approach

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Strategic Team Leadership

Become a leader in your organization and drive innovation to maximize performance. Even if you don't hold a leadership position, the Strategic Team Leadership course will give you the skills you need to emerge as a leader and effectively lead a team to successful outcomes.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Gain important knowledge
  • Uncover their ability to lead a team
  • Understand what motivates team members
  • Create a plan highlight individual strengths

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Women in Leadership

Through exercises, discussion, and case studies, participants gain skills in influencing others, negotiating, and leading groups and teams. Also examined are strategies to build a network of career growth and nurturing healthy and diverse workplaces. 

This course prepares participants to: 
  • Develop a keen understanding of research informed strategies to minimize gender bias in the workforce
  • Enhance Team effectiveness by understanding team processes and decision making
  • Build negotiation skills and develop strategies for creating and claiming value
  • Leverage social networks and techniques to influence individuals and groups
  • Learn to use allies and persuasion to create new frameworks for communicating a vision

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"Exceptional two-day course that should be mandatory for citizens."

-- 2017 Leading Organizational Change Participant