Executive Certificate in Business Communication

Take your communication skills to the executive level

In business, good communicators are able to grab attention, motivate action, and create lasting impact. Whether you’re a rising manager vying for a promotion or a small-business owner trying to grow your client base, you can benefit from our Executive Certificate in Business Communication.

This Executive Certificate heightens your ability to advocate for yourself and your ideas. Through dynamic coursework, you will develop skills to captivate your audience and communicate as a leader. Learn how to make your presentations and public speaking engagements impactful and motivational, ultimately driving your bottom line.

In addition to expanding your skillset, the Executive Certificate enhances your resume, creates leverage for promotions, and better prepares you for salary negotiations.

Through a challenging, three-course series, the Executive Certificate in Business Communication is designed to help participants take their skills to the next level. Hear more from our Executive Education faculty member Steven Cohen.

The Executive Certificate in Business Communication consists of three, three-day courses:

Effective Workplace Presentations

Deliver presentations with confidence and clarity to properly convey your message. The effective workplace presentations course focuses on building your skills to help you stand out. Learn how to overcome public speaking fears and impress your audience with a powerful presentation.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Develop compelling informational briefings.
  • Speak to a variety of audiences.
  • Use nonverbal communication (face-to-face or virtually) to enhance delivery.
  • Create effective visual aids.
  • Build confidence and manage public speaking anxiety.


Persuasive Communication

Convince your clients and colleagues to support your business goals, believe in you, and build trust with your organization. Learn how to influence others through powerful presentations and impactful messages, develop an understanding of how to effectively communicate with a variety of audiences, and use these skills to achieve your strategic goals.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Explore the science of persuasive communication.
  • Identify the needs and concerns of your target audience.
  • Develop a compelling argument using logical and emotional appeals.
    Build stronger relationships with colleagues and clients.
    Convert business pitches into business wins.


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