Executive Certificate in Business Communication

Take your communication skills to the executive level

In business, good communicators are able to grab attention, motivate action, and create lasting impact. Whether you’re a rising manager vying for a promotion or a small-business owner trying to grow your client base, you can benefit from our Executive Certificate in Business Communication.

This Executive Certificate enhances your ability to effectively and persuasively advocate for yourself and your ideas. Instill confidence and build trust in your colleagues and clients. Learn how to make your presentations and public speaking engagements move and motivate your audience, ultimately driving your bottom line.

In addition to expanding your skillset, an Executive Certificate will enhance your resume, create leverage for promotions and better prepare you for salary negotiations.

The Executive Certificate in Business Communication consists of three 3-day courses:

Effective Workplace Presentations
Persuasive Communication
Powerful Public Speaking

Business communication is a skill that you should never stop working on.

In each course, you will:
• Gather insights from industry peers
• Collaborate through hands-on exercises
• Enhance your leadership ability
• Elevate your communication skills
• Master professional tools and techniques
• Improve your confidence and presence
• Experience personal and professional growth


Effective Workplace Presentations

Deliver presentations with clarity and confidence. Create meaningful connections with your audience and convey critical information in a compelling manner. Learn how to overcome public speaking fears and impress your audience. 

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Persuasive Communication

Persuade others through powerful pitches and impactful messages. Develop the ability to influence a variety of audiences without formal authority. Learn how to build strong relationships to advance your agenda and achieve your goals.

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Powerful Public Speaking

Present your ideas with power and conviction. Master the strategies used by professional speakers to draw in and captivate an audience. Learn how to craft memorable speeches that inspire others and leave a lasting impression.

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"Excellent course to boost esteem and give concrete tools to better yourself professionally. [The] instructor is dynamic, engaging, and highly motivational. Thoroughly enjoyed the course and will definitely recommend to others."

– 2017 Persuasive Communication Participant