Foundations of Leadership and Management

Leadership Management

Course Features

Lead with purpose, manage with practice

Students can take Foundations of Leadership and Management as a three-day, standalone course or as their first step toward earning a Management Development Certificate. This course is designed to teach up-to-date and research-backed fundamental principles for managers and leaders in any industry. Learn the day-to-day functions of leaders and managers as you take part in hands-on, collaborative learning experience with industry peers.

Explore fundamental research-based principles that you can learn and grow from whether you're a first-time manager, middle manager, or seasoned business leader. This course is grounded in social science research and taught by renowned faculty that are experts in the leadership space.

If you intend on pursuing the Management Development Certificate, we suggest you complete Foundations of Leadership and Management before your elective courses.

All courses include:

  • Industry-leading faculty
  • Collaborative learning
  • Research-driven results
  • Lifelong connections
  • Practical applications
  • Custom solutions

Program Details

Who should attend

  • Rising managers
  • Experienced business leaders
  • Current managers looking to rise to the next level of management
  • Team leaders and decision-makers across industries

What you will learn

  • Learn to make more successful group decisions and effectively negotiate to achieve goals
  • Understand and leverage networks of relationships to be more impactful as a leader
  • ​Better select, hire, and motivate individuals to achieve a common purpose
  • ​Leadership in a team environment
  • Research-based management best practices
  • How to apply research to business practices


Brian Gunia Carey

Brian Gunia, PhD

Professor and Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Carey Business School

Brian Gunia, PhD (Management & Organizations, Northwestern University) joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2011. He is an associate professor in the research track with expertise in the ways that people can help themselves and their organizational colleagues act more ethically and/or negotiate more effectively, particularly by proactively regulating their sleep patterns. Gunia is the founder of the Johns Hopkins Business in Government initiative.


Colleen Stuart, PhD

Assistant Professor, Carey Business School

Colleen Stuart is an assistant professor of management at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with expertise in the areas of collaborative work, social networks and diversity. She holds a PhD in Organizational Behavior from the University of Toronto. Her research has been published in several academic journals, such as Organization Science and The Academy of Management Journal, as well as featured in The New York Times, The Financial Times, and The Huffington Post.


Christopher G. Myers, PhD

Associate Professor and Academic Director of Executive Education, Carey Business School

Christopher G. Myers, PhD (Management & Organizations, University of Michigan) is an assistant professor and academic director of Executive Education at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with joint faculty appointments in the School of Medicine and Armstrong Institute for Patient Safety and Quality. His research explores questions of learning, development, and innovation in organizations, as well as how people learn vicariously from others’ knowledge and experience at work.