Executive Certificate in Innovation and Human-Centered Design

design thinking course

Design an innovative path forward

Looking to stay ahead of the curve? Join the next wave of business innovators, and tap into more creative and unique problem-solving techniques. With an Executive Certificate in Innovation and Human-Centered Design, professionals revolutionize their problem-solving approach, implement co-creation to promote a more collaborative culture, and work to solve complex, everyday issues to drive organizational success.

Participants enrolling in Advanced Design Thinking and Design Thinking Practicum must first demonstrate mastery of the basics by successfully completing Design Thinking for Innovative Problem Solving. 

Through our Executive Certificate in Innovation & Human-Centered Design, participants will learn design thinking skills to help you tackle complex challenges with solution-based approaches across any industry. Hear more about this human-centered and research-based approach from Executive Education faculty member Sharon Kim.

The Executive Certificate in Innovation and Human-Centered Design consists of three, three-day courses:

Design Thinking for Innovative Problem Solving

Leverage your team's experience and discover new strategies and tactics to develop innovative solutions for organizational success.


Advanced Design Thinking

Expand upon basic design theory principles and develop your ability to research, ideate, and prototype theories you've created for a more intense design challenge.


Design Thinking Practicum

Learn to facilitate your own design thinking and human-centered design workshop, and lead your team to the creative solutions you've been looking for. 


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