Design Thinking for Innovation Courses

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Creative problem solving for business solutions

Collaborate, research, and design. The Design Thinking for Innovation Certificate courses challenge common ways of thinking to create innovative solutions to tackle complex problems.

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Introduction to Design Thinking

Design thinking helps teams leverage their collective experience to find solutions to complex business issues. This short course teaches you to motivate your team to develop creative solutions. Discover new strategies and tactics to achieve innovative solutions and organizational success.

This course prepares students to:

  • Work in teams to solve complex problems
  • Apply the design thinking process
  • Understand multiple academic perspectives
  • Enjoy a hands-on learning experience
  • Master skills to use design thinking in their own organizations



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Executive Certificate in Design Thinking for Innovation

Professionals can revolutionize their problem-solving approach, implement co-creation to promote a more collaborative culture, and work to solve complex, everyday issues to drive organizational success.

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Advanced Design Thinking

Learn how to unlock the creative potential of your whole team with the Advanced Design Thinking course. Expand upon the basic design theory principles you've learned and further embrace the creativity of your team. During this course, you'll develop your ability to research, ideate, and prototype, by testing the theories you've created for a more intense design challenge.

This course prepares students to:

  • Research, ideate, prototype, and test designs and theories
  • Learn techniques for idea generation, observational research, and rapid prototyping
  • Discuss team synthesis and creative abrasion
  • Enjoy creative and experiential learning


Design Thinking Practicum

Once you've learned to creatively solve problems through design thinking, the next step is leading your team through innovative solutions to complex problems. Learn to facilitate your own design thinking and human-centered design workshop and lead your team to the answers you've been looking for with this exciting course.

This course prepares participants to:

  • Develop and learn to facilitate your own workshop
  • Lead discussions around human-centered design
  • Empower teams to think creatively to find solutions