Center for Innovative Leadership

Our Mission

The Center for Innovative Leadership (CIL) at the Carey Business School aims to advance knowledge and build capacity for innovative leadership in modern organizations. CIL is a hub for new ideas and insights on leadership, combining faculty-led research, student-facing programming, and community-focused impact.

A Model of Innovative Leadership

model of leadership triangle

The Center for Innovative Leadership is organized around a core framework of leadership focusing on the interrelated dimensions of Empathy, Competence, and Agility:

  • Organizations are more interdependent and collaborative than ever before, and leaders who engage others with empathy are often those best positioned to bring together the diverse experiences, insights, and expertise needed to generate innovative solutions.
  • As the world of work grows in complexity, building competence in emerging knowledge domains, as well as core business fundamentals, is necessary to keep pace and guide organizations to innovative solutions.
  • Leading modern organizations requires agility and a readiness for change, understanding when to let go of old habits and embrace new ideas, and how to flexibly navigate new challenges and innovations.

Advancing Leadership Research

CIL works to accelerate and expand the impact of faculty research on leadership. Comprised of Core and Affiliate Faculty from across Johns Hopkins University, the Center’s thought leaders explore a range of topics related to leading organizations, from creating effective teams in dynamic environments, to building cultures of learning and resilience, and developing inclusive leadership practices.

The Center shares insights from our faculty to help translate research into practice, and directly supports the development of novel research on innovative leadership through Research Grants that fund exemplary and impactful research.

Developing Innovative Leaders

CIL curates and delivers a variety of high-impact leadership experiences at key moments during students’ journeys at the Carey Business School.

  • The MBA Leadership Challenge is an immersive crisis leadership experience for full-time MBA students. While working through a two-day simulation leading an organization responding to a crisis, students benefit from faculty research briefings, guided reflection, and developmental feedback to hone their innovative leadership.
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  • CIL’s longitudinal leadership development program for Flex MBA students is designed to help experienced, working professional students advance their management and leadership skills through research modules, coaching, and periodic short-format innovation experiences and excursions. Applications to join the first cohort of this program will launch in the Fall of 2022.
  • Leadership Development Expeditions are two-credit courses offered for both full-time and Flex MBA students that draw on outdoor experiential education theory and challenge participants to serve as leaders during an adventure expedition. The hands-on approach to leadership development embedded within the expedition activities, coupled with extensive feedback and coaching, allows students to focus on their growth as a leader prepared to tackle challenging, uncertain environments. These expedition courses are offered during the intersession term in January (sea kayaking and island camping in Belize) as well as in the summer term (trekking in Norway).

Leadership Development Opportunities

Carey Business School offers multiple leadership development opportunities for students and working professionals at all points in your career.

Connecting Leadership Communities

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The Center engages not only the faculty and students of Johns Hopkins University, but also acts as a beacon and convenor of a broad community of high-profile individuals and organizations focused on innovative leadership. Each year, The CIL Leadership Summit will bring together faculty researchers, senior executives, and students across several days to develop and share new ways of thinking about leadership in modern organizations. This summit will merge the latest research findings on leadership with opportunities for executive networking and peer-to-peer problem solving, while also presenting students with an opportunity for case analysis and collaboration with seasoned leaders and executives.

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