Innovative Leadership Program

two people sitting in a conference hall discussing personal change

Your organization has unique challenges, and you need leaders with a custom set of skills. Johns Hopkins Executive Education can get you there.

The Johns Hopkins Carey Business School Innovative Leadership Program prepares your rising managers to lead through change and capitalize on your organization’s unique opportunities.

There isn’t a cookie-cutter approach to leadership in business. Your organization needs customizable coursework, immersive experiences, and ongoing leadership coaching to maximize your employee’s potential. Innovative Leadership Program participants leave with a tailored set of skills and an innovative approach to their personal leadership style and team-oriented communication and engagement. Participants also bring a new level of creativity in their approach to addressing organizational challenges.

Customizable leadership training for employees

Not all leadership training programs are created equal. Johns Hopkins’ unique and personalized approach to leadership training is facilitated, developed, and refined through faculty-led seminar sessions, experiential exercises, and in-depth leadership coaching. Our leadership training for employees uses live academic modules, ongoing leadership coaching, and an intensive design challenge. And all of the curriculum is sequenced and directed in collaboration with your organization. Johns Hopkins Executive Education faculty and staff work alongside you to create a program designed to address your organization’s specific needs and priorities.

Topics covered in these varied and immersive sessions will include but are not limited to:

  • understanding one’s strengths, blind spots, and the need to be adaptive in leadership approaches
  • leveraging core business skills to deliver innovative products and solutions
  • building collaborative and coordination skills for bringing out the best in others

Are you ready to find a custom approach to your organization’s leadership opportunities?