CIL Fellows

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Develop your innovative leadership with a cohort of exceptional peers

The CIL Fellows Program is a selective, 10-month program for Flex MBA students who are committed to developing and strengthening their leadership knowledge, skills and abilities. Selected students will start the program with a 2-credit residency course that focuses on evidence-based research and introduces practical tools for building self-awareness in influencing others, skillfully leading teams and navigating organizational challenges and dynamics. After the course, the cohort will stay connected to each other and the program through small group learning sessions, experiential leadership treks, networking events and a capstone portfolio project.


Program Design

  • 2-credit residency course 
  • Peer networking groups for accountability and feedback
  • Leadership coaching (individual and small group)
  • Leadership treks (full-day, on-site experiences)
  • CIL learning seminars and networking sessions

Application Process (Applications for 2024-2025 Cohort coming soon!)

  • Complete the online application process in January/February.
    • Applicants must have an intended graduation date no earlier than May of the year after application
    • Applicants must have completed at least 6 credits in the Flex MBA degree program and be in good academic standing
    • Applicants must have completed the 'Leadership and Organizational Behavior' course (or the equivalent 'Leadership in Organizations' course) by June of the application year, as a prerequisite for the Fellows residency course
  • Applications will be reviewed and evaluated based on demonstrated interest and commitment to leadership development
    • Reviewers will consider applicants' thoughtful and specific articulation of the following topics:
      • Personal experience as a leader (past and present)
      • Growth areas and current limits as a leader
      • Goals and opportunities as a result of participating in the Fellows program
  • Accepted Fellows will be notified by March/April and will be automatically registered for the 2-credit residency course
    • Accepted Fellows must attend the residency course in Baltimore in June 
    • Fellows are responsible for the 2-credit tuition fee for the course, and for any personal transportation to/from Baltimore for the residency course.
    • Lodging, most meals, and activity fees for participating in the course will be covered by the Fellows program.

For questions about the Fellows program or the application process, email Mike Doyle -

“This was an eye-opening experience that changed my perspective on leadership education. We were able to learn in an interactive environment and explore situations from multiple angles, setting aside pride and preconceived notions.

We learned to explore dissenting opinions, give and receive feedback through peer coaching, create a shared vision, and hone our leadership skills in times of crises and uncertainty.”

Tonya Schnitzius, PharmD
MBA ’24

a group photo of 23 CIL residents with 6 bicycles in a brick walled and wood floor room.

“The tools, frameworks, and experiences from the CIL Fellows program provided a trove of wisdom that I've already begun weaving professionally. The knowledge of research-based leadership practices is guiding my strategic decisions. Furthermore, team exercises have enriched my capability to lead cross-functional teams by fostering a culture of collective goal mapping and accountability.”

Vidith Huot, MBA ’25
Director/Senior Consultant at Nucleate/ZoomRx

six CIL fellows inside a tent used as a prop inside the convention room