Global Immersion

Group atop the main tower platform over looking Frankfort, Germany

The Global Immersion program embeds students within foreign markets, exposing them firsthand to the most pressing challenges facing international businesses. These seven-day travel courses take students out of the classroom and into the heart of today’s biggest business questions, such as global health, Brexit, and the impact of international trade policy.

Typically held during the January Intersession, between the Spring II and Summer terms, or at the end of Summer term, Global Immersion is an intense, one-week, two-credit course, with some engagements held at a university abroad. Classroom work is supplemented with on-site visits to government offices and corporate partners. Students collaborate with business leaders to examine a particular industry problem from the businesses’ perspective. Students learn firsthand how businesses are adapting to emerging political developments and how political outcomes impact business decisions and strategy. Topics include trade, industry, financial systems, regulation, health care systems, supply chain disruption, innovation, sustainability, and leadership strategies.

Global Immersion Offerings

Leadership through Crises: United Kingdom (BU.003.903.92)

Whether financial collapse, public health emergencies, infrastructure failure, or geopolitical tension, business leaders across all industries face a variety of risks that can quickly evolve into crises. Using recent events in both the United Kingdom and continental Europe as case studies, students in this course will sharpen their skills to manage effectively through a wide variety of challenging business situations. This immersion will consist of on-site visits and lectures with government agencies and corporate partners examining the UK’s finance, health care, and logistics industries. This course is open to 30 students.

Date: Late July (Week after Summer finals)
Location: London, United Kingdom
Faculty: Jordan Rippy, PhD, CPA

To participate in the United Kingdom Global Immersion, students need to be prepared to graduate no earlier than the Summer term.

Business in Latin America: Chile (BU.003.903.91)

Join us for a seven-day travel course examining business in Chile. Students will gain insight into Latin American business trends and opportunities. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, students will meet with government agencies, corporate businesses, and academic institutions to gain varied perspectives on Chile’s business and economy.

Date: January Intersession, 2024
Location: Santiago, Chile
Faculty: Luis Quintero, PhD

To participate in the Chile Global Immersion, students need to be prepared to graduate no earlier than the Spring term.  Registration for January Intersession courses opens in April.

Finance in Europe: Germany (BU.003.903.92)

Join us for a seven-day travel course examining the finance industry's challenges and opportunities in the European Union, the impact of Brexit, and the future of doing business in the EU. Students will meet with German corporate and government organizations and take classes led by both Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and Carey Business School faculty on the history and current trends of the European financial system in comparison to the U.S. financial landscape.

Date: Late May (Week after Spring II finals)
Location: Frankfurt School of Finance and Management (FSFM)
Faculty: Yuval Bar-Or, PhD; Lasse Mertins, PhD, CMA

To participate in the Germany Global Immersion, students need to be prepared to graduate no earlier than the Spring term. Students who participate in this course are eligible to graduate in Spring, however the graduation ceremony conflicts with the course dates so they will be unable to walk at graduation. Registration for Spring II courses opens in November.


To participate in these courses, students must be currently enrolled as a graduate student at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School with a minimum GPA of 3.0 and have completed 12 credits. *

*The 12-credit requirement can be waived if students demonstrate significant industry experience in finance or international business.

Enrollment varies per program, but is generally limited to 26 students with a minimum of 15 students. Tuition, international residency fees, and nonrefundable deposit are applicable to all students, regardless of status.

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