End-to-End Health Breakthroughs

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End-to-End Health Breakthroughs

In this two-course series, full-time MBA students gain hands-on, data-driven experience and develop a product or service that has the potential to improve health for patients around the world. Begin with Design Lab and work on a team to develop invention prototypes. Strategize to take your product and services to market in the second course, Commercializing Discovery.

Both courses in End-to-End Health Breakthroughs are required for students in the Health, Technology, and Innovation pathways. Students in the Analytics, Leaderships, and Innovation pathway may take the courses as experiential learning electives. 

Design Lab

Develop a product or service that has the potential to improve health for patients around the world. Partner with Johns Hopkins schools such as Medicine, Nursing, Public Health, and Engineering to conduct panels of leading experts, identify unmet needs, and work with engineering students to develop prototypes in the concept development stage.

Explore unmet needs in the industry by interacting with leading experts in the field, doing background research, and conducting interviews. Take a deep-dive into the problem through primary and secondary research, understanding existing solutions and competitors, conducting a stakeholder analysis and detailed market analysis through customer segmentation and discovery.

Students apply principles of ideation, design thinking, and human-centered design to develop product concepts and develop a prototype that can be tested for commercialization in the second part of the course, Commercializing Discovery.

Commercializing Discovery

Learn by doing and bring health discoveries to the marketplace. Determine the steps required to bring a product identified in Design Lab to market, including intellectual property protection and regulatory processes. Work in small teams on early-stage invention projects that are patented or patent pending. Then craft a strategy to license an early stage invention to third parties for further development.

In the process, students expand their networks by working with businesses and nonprofit organizations to address existing and emerging challenges in the health space.