Step out of the classroom and your comfort zone to embark on a one-day field experience, transforming your own leadership and problem-solving abilities while creating meaningful impact in your community. Each course is an individual session. 

Impact sprints may change each year.

Past Impact Sprints


Spend a day working on a sustainable farm and collaborate with the farm staff to learn firsthand about local agribusiness’ opportunities and obstacles. Work on a team to present business solutions for the farm’s real-world problems.

Lead Outside the Box

Spend the day with senior program leaders at Outward Bound to better understand your assumptions and ideas about what it takes to lead. Use low and high ropes course and other group exercises to improve communication, collaboration, and problem solving.

Diagnosing Business Problems

Spend an overnight shift in the emergency department, embed with the emergency care team, and experience the effects of a hospital’s business obstacles on the quality of patient care firsthand. Present your findings to improve performance and patient care in the Johns Hopkins emergency department.