Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation pathway

An MBA for breakthroughs.

Earn your MBA today and propel your career for years to come. Hone the analytic skills to identify opportunities and challenges hidden in data and the leadership skills to implement your data-driven strategies. Gain the innovation skillset to navigate an uncertain world. And depending on your career goals, customize your education to emphasize leadership or innovation.

The most effective leaders can’t expect success from data analysis alone. They engage, lead, and negotiate with the people around them to implement their data-driven insights. And they know they can’t just engage, lead, and negotiate without the power of data. Otherwise, they run the risk of perpetuating ineffective or ill-informed strategies. Discover the powerful synergy between analytics and leadership and put your learning into practice through experiential courses such as Innovation Field Project.

Through experiential and classroom learning, hone your analytic and leadership skills to implement data-driven strategies. 



Take six credits of required classes specifically designed for Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation students. And add electives in areas of career focus such as consulting, finance, leading organizations, marketing, or operations management.

Build on the strong foundation in the Johns Hopkins MBA with a deep focus on analytics. Then customize your education to become a data-driven leader or innovator.

Course highlights

Foundations of Business Analytics

Explore the quantitative methods useful for decision-making in business settings. Formulate problems, translate those formulations into useful models, optimize the models, and interpret your results. Then put theory to the test and use software to solve complex business problems.

Data Science: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence remains one of the largest untapped commercial opportunities. Explore AI’s business potential and limitations, leverage AI’s output to advance business objectives, and optimize the combination of human and non-human intelligence. Later in the program, explore the human side of AI in your required ethics course. Leave with a holistic understanding of AI’s strengths, limitations, and unfolding challenges.


Co-curricular highlight: Community Consulting Lab

The social innovation network in the greater Baltimore-Washington community is booming. Nonprofits, start-ups, and small businesses are leading the charge with business plans to create lasting impact in the community. Tap into these networks and lead a consulting project to tackle business challenges at local organizations. Gain practical business consulting experience and develop critical business skills such as strategic consulting, project management, and business development. Immerse yourself in the region’s social innovation network and expand your professional connections. And make a lasting impact on the economy of the greater Baltimore-Washington area.

Our Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation faculty

Foundational courses

Innovation courses

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