Financial Management

Ensuring the leaders of today have the financial fluency needed for tomorrow.

A strong practical understanding of finance is an essential skill for leaders and managers in any functional area within an organization. Smart business decisions rely on a fundamental knowledge of finance to connect business verticals for organizational success and to translate financial outcomes into meaningful feedback. Focused on the principles of finance and accounting, the financial management certificate will help transform a manager’s ability to impact corporate strategy.

The certificate consists of three courses designed to provide the non-financial manager with the concepts and terminology to communicate with financial managers effectively. Upon completion of the financial management certificate, you will have a solid foundation in finance that will allow you to more confidently articulate business investments, develop new insights into how shareholder value is created, identify cost savings opportunities and resource allocation within your organization, and make data-drive decisions to drive business performance.

The Financial Management Certificate consists of three courses:

Finance for the Non-financial Manager is the prerequisite course for the certificate and must be taken before Financial Statement Analysis and Capital Budgeting. Financial Statement Analysis and Capital Budgeting can be taken in any order.

Who Should Attend:

This program is designed for professionals who lack formal financial training and want to understand and implement key financial concepts.

  • Directors and managers
  • Professionals who make decisions with financial implications 
  • Professionals with profit-and-loss responsibility in human resources, sales and marketing, operations, IT, and other nonfinancial areas
What You Will Learn
  • Understand how funding decisions are made and how you can influence decisions by applying financial principles 
  • Risk and return in capital budgeting
  • Effectively communicate operational and financial strategies 
  • More confidently evaluate investment opportunities 
  • Understand financial implications on firm’s value 


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