Health, Technology, and Innovation Specialization

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Health, Technology, and Innovation specialization

The full-time MBA offers an optional specialization in Health, Technology, and Innovation to augment the analytic and data-driven foundations of the Johns Hopkins MBA. The specialization focuses on finding technology-driven, human-centered solutions to complex health problems and is designed for students pursuing careers in the health industry.

The power of Johns Hopkins

With collaborations across the Johns Hopkins network, this specialization capitalizes on Carey Business School’s unique position at Johns Hopkins University. Students partner with top faculty, business health practitioners, and leading researchers at places like Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and Johns Hopkins Hospital. The Health, Technology, and Innovation specialization molds dynamic health leaders who can navigate uncertainty and build for what’s next in the health industry.

End-to-End Health Breakthroughs

In this two-course series, full-time MBA students specializing in Health, Technology, and Innovation gain hands-on, data-driven experience and develop a product or service that has the potential to improve health care for patients around the world.

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Innovation Field Project

All full-time MBA students use rigorous data analytic methods and creative problem-solving techniques to consult on a field project. Students in the Health, Technology, and Innovation specialization will partner with organizations in the health industry including pharmaceutical firms, biotechnology firms, physician practices, hospitals, or public health organizations.

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Coursework includes 10 credits of required classes specifically designed for these students specializing in Health, Technology, and Innovation.

Foundations of Business of Health

This course provides an overview of the health care delivery system in the U.S. from past to present. Explore the drivers of change that are creating opportunities and challenges for innovation and improvements in the cost, quality, and access of health care service.

End-to-End Health Breakthroughs

  • Design Lab (course 1): This experiential learning course provides a hands-on, data-driven decision-making experience for students to manage the multiple touch-and decision points inherent in the financing, research and development, contracting and negotiation, procurement, marketing, pricing, inventory management, and customer relationship management of innovative products and services.
  • Commercializing Discovery (course 2): This experiential learning course teaches students how to assess the feasibility of bringing health related innovations and inventions to market.

Business Law, Health Law, and Regulations

This course provides students with an overview of the legal environment as it affects medicine and business. Cutting-edge cases are utilized as students explore medical malpractice, negligence, liability (physician, product, and corporate), intellectual property, criminal aspects of health care, patient consent and rights, and health care reform.

Ethics of Business of Health

This course explores ethical issues faced by leaders and organizations in a complex environment of competing value claims. Students examine the intrinsic ethical and moral challenges of business and the concept of a moral compass as a foundation for conscientious leadership, business practice, and value creation in a competitive global economy.

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