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Transform Health Care Practices

Taught by Johns Hopkins faculty and leading research experts, the Carey Business School's executive health care courses are designed to transform health care practices in an ever-changing environment. Learn how to approach complex challenges with cutting-edge strategies. Participants will hone leadership ablities, master critical management skills, and develop innovative health care practices.

Current Health Care course offerings include:

Below, you’ll find detailed course descriptions. View them as itineraries of how each course will prepare you for success in today’s dynamic business world.

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Design Thinking for Health Care Professionals

Use innovative solutions to grow in the fast-paced and constantly evolving health care field. The Design Thinking for Health Care Professionals course will teach you how to create and test novel ideas in the health care industry. Grow your understanding of the design thinking process and develop your leadership and management skills in health care at the same time. Work in teams to combine your creative efforts and gain insights you can take back to your workplace.

This course prepares participants to:
  • Learn techniques to transform health care practices, products, and solutions
  • Solve complex problems through teamwork
  • Apply the entire design thinking process to their work
  • Leverage their team's collective strengths

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"Experts in the field, no question, highly engaged and approachable."

– 2017 High Reliability Leadership Participant
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