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Value of the Johns Hopkins MBA

Why it matters:

From increased earning potential to new career opportunities and an expanded global network, your Johns Hopkins MBA continues to deliver value and work for you throughout your career.

Is the Johns Hopkins MBA right for you?

Choose from two pathways to customize your full-time MBA.

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Whether early on in your career or looking to change industries, the same business sense that pushes you to earn your MBA is most likely also questioning the investment in an MBA. What is the value of an MBA? What is my ROI? And if you’re asking these questions, you’re already tapping into the mindset of an MBA.

Reaching the top echelons of business is possible from more career paths than ever before. And as markets fluctuate and career paths are increasingly less linear, the value of an MBA may seem uncertain. But it is clear that not all MBAs are created equal. And the value of any given MBA varies drastically from other degrees based on curriculum, the alumni network, and so much more.

The Johns Hopkins difference

1. Tap into the Johns Hopkins name

Johns Hopkins’ global reputation is built on a legacy of excellence and innovation. Whether you are looking for a job in Baltimore or Brunei, the Johns Hopkins brand opens doors and brings your resume to the top of the pile. There are hundreds of thousands of Hopkins alumni across every industry, in addition to others who have been positively impacted by or impressed with Hopkins. Not only will you graduate with the skills and knowledge to excel in your career, you will have the Johns Hopkins name on your resume propelling your success. 

Average Base Salary Plus Signing Bonus, within 120 days after graduation

2. NEXT approach

Business leaders aren’t made by studying textbooks alone. They are molded by experience and networks of mentors lifting them up. That’s why we pair every full-time MBA student with a personalized advisory team comprised of a faculty mentor, industry professional, second-year student, and career coach.

Learn more about the NEXT approach.

Did you know?
Nearly 93% of graduates accepted employment offers within 120 days after graduation.

3. Boost your experience

With four required experiential learning courses, you will graduate with the equivalent experience of four internships built into the curriculum. Looking for more? Choose from eight experiential learning electives and multiple co-curricular opportunities. Experiential learning takes place in each semester of the program, progressing in complexity and difficulty so that you are building on your analytic and leadership skills in each course. And expand your network with each course by interacting with real clients in the business world in Baltimore, around the country, and around the world.

Learn more about full-time MBA experiential learning opportunities.

4. Harness power of data and analytics

You need a modern MBA to prepare you for modern business challenges. In addition to general management skills (e.g. accounting, finance, strategy), our curriculum equips you with the skills to lead data-driven companies. While you don’t need the technical skills to run every analysis, our graduates have the business expertise and vocabulary to build and lead analytical teams. 

Scholarship Opportunities
As you assess the value of the Johns Hopkins MBA in your career, crunch the numbers while you explore our scholarship opportunities.

5. Learn with and from your peers in small classes

This is your education, take charge of it with the opportunity to ask questions while building comradery with your peers. Learn from more than just the textbook as you hear your classmates’ questions and answers and learn from diverse perspectives. We intentionally keep small class sizes so that you have the opportunity to naturally extend your learning after class—whether that is catching up with your professor (who you’re on a first name basis with) or joining study groups (because you know everyone in your class).

6. Immerse yourself amidst leaders in health care

While our two MBA pathways allow those not interested in health care to concentrate on analytics, those students who are interested in a health care career have open access to the Johns Hopkins network. Whether its Hexcite, an experiential learning opportunity pairing you with a Johns Hopkins clinician to bring a technology to market, or applying as a Johns Hopkins Health and Business Intern, you will find yourself among the leaders in the business of health.

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