Full-time MBA: the NEXT approach

a jhu carey business school student discussing her classes with two of hero mentors through the NEXT approach


Make the most of your MBA experience with an advisory team dedicated to your professional growth.

At Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, we know that no one makes it to the top alone. That’s why we match our full-time MBA students with a personalized advisory team including an industry expert, second-year student, and career coach. NEXT empowers you to uncover your unique strengths, develop your leadership style, explore career options, and make the most of your MBA experience.

The NEXT approach

NEXT is a student-centered professional development program. Leverage the collective wisdom of your advisory team to weave connections between your curricular, co-curricular, and professional development experiences at Carey Business School. With feedback from your team, develop self-awareness about your strengths and opportunities for growth, build confidence in your leadership skills, and hone your ability to think like a business leader.

We hand-select each member of your team to complement your industry, interests, and career aspirations. Whether you have a set career trajectory, are unsure of your next career move, or lie somewhere in between, your advisory team works with you to plan for and achieve your MBA and career goals.

Explore and grow

Your MBA is a time for self- and career-exploration. Your team will push you. And you will push yourself. Challenge your assumptions and explore the possibilities to graduate confident in a career that inspires you.

As your team pushes and pulls, hone your reflection and feedback skills. And build resilience as you find what works and doesn’t work in your own approach to business and leadership. Take these skills with you to continue extracting insights, refining, and growing throughout your career.

Forge your professional narrative

In an increasingly competitive job market, you may only have a few minutes with a future employer to set yourself apart. Your advisory team helps you connect your experiences inside and outside the classroom so you graduate with a compelling, coherent professional identity. Walk into your next interview ready to communicate your professional narrative, the value of your MBA, and what distinguishes you as a business leader.

Structured for you

NEXT grows with you. Meet with your advisory team twice each year, at key points in your MBA journey. And decide with your team whether to engage more often. By the end of your second year, present your professional narrative for feedback from your advisory team and school leadership. Graduate with a network of mentors, the skills to turn leadership experiences into insights, and the polished professional narrative to advance your career.