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Carey Business School makes prestigious list of “Schools to Watch” in 2024

Why it matters:

When it comes to building for what's next, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School is getting attention from MBA-savvy media 

Poets & Quants wants you to keep your eye on Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. The influential business school news site named Carey to its list of 10 Business Schools to Watch for 2024. These are schools Poets & Quants says, “invested their time and money wisely” and are “producing the best experiences and biggest returns.” 

In its report, Poets & Quants highlighted Carey Business School’s strength in the business of health, a growing field in business education. In 2022, the U.S. spent $4.5 trillion on health, which accounted for 17.3 percent of GDP, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. As Poets & Quants notes, Carey Business School benefits from its integration with Johns Hopkins Medicine and Johns Hopkins University’s Schools of Medicine and Nursing as well as the Bloomberg School of Public Health, world-renowned leaders in health innovation and health care.

Fully 25 percent of Carey’s faculty are engaged in business-of-health-related research, and the school offers eight academic degrees with a focus in the field, notes Alex Triantis, dean of Carey Business School. “Through dual-degree MBAs with the Johns Hopkins Schools of Medicine and Nursing, the Bloomberg School of Public Health, and the Whiting School of Engineering, students capitalize on the interdisciplinary collaboration and expertise of the world’s most respected and trusted experts in health-related fields,” Triantis added.

The report also notes Carey students benefit from collaboration with Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures and Hexcite, the university’s AACSB Innovations that Inspire Award-winning medical software start-up generator. Both programs are designed to move scientific discoveries into commercialized products and services.

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Mehaque Kohli, a 2023 Carey MBA graduate who is now a global associate product manager with Abbott, told Poets & Quants, “There’s no better place to do health care than Hopkins. The entire ecosystem, from the alumni network to the cases discussed in class and even extra-curriculars, you are immersed in health care.”

Vanessa Battista, a pediatric nurse who earned a dual Doctorate of Nursing Practice and MBA dual degree at Carey Business School, said her Carey MBA experience broadened her perspectives beyond her clinical training.

“There were certainly many working in the health care space but also there were business people, engineers, lawyers, and teachers,” Battista said. “It was so refreshing to think about problems from different perspectives. That was really enriching.” 

Poets & Quants also noted Carey’s “flexibility” as a strong differentiator from other MBA programs, which extends to specialties beyond the business of health. Carey’s two-year, full-time MBA program includes two tracks of study: Health, Technology, and Innovation; and Analytics, Leadership, and Innovation. Both tracks include the opportunity for a 12-week paid internship. Carey’s online, part-time Flexible MBA offers eight specializations and can be completed online and with a mix of on-campus residencies courses. Both MBA programs are STEM-designated.

Highlighting Carey’s strengths, Poets & Quants noted that the school’s MBA programs provide numerous experiential learning opportunities, which earned an Innovator Award for General Excellence from MBA Roundtable. Carey was also among the first business schools to integrate AI into its MBA program. Carey’s connection to AI continues to grow with the launched of the new Center for Digital Health and Artificial Intelligence in 2022, and, Johns Hopkins University formed its multi-disciplinary Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Institute in 2023.