Big Data Consulting Project

Big Data Consulting Project

Big data comes in high volume, velocity, and variety. But it’s not the amount or type of data that transforms businesses, it’s what businesses do with the data that drives the bottom line

A business partner will pose a business challenge to the class for the Big Data Consulting Project, along with a large dataset for analysis. Then students work in teams to analyze the data, derive managerial insights, and use their findings to present creative solutions to business challenges and opportunities.

Applying analytic techniques

To best address the business’ challenge, student teams work through three stages: describing data patterns and trends, using the data to predict outcomes, and compiling the analyses to form actionable recommendations for the project sponsor.

Students use a combination of data visualization tools (such as Tableau or Hadoop), programming languages for analysis (such as R or Python), and spreadsheet simulation and optimization tools (such as @Risk and Excel Solver).

Presenting the findings

Each student team will deliver two presentations to the business partner involved in the course, once at the project’s midpoint and again at completion. The midpoint presentation enables the teams to obtain early feedback from the business partner and make adjustments and course corrections as needed. At the final presentation, each team of students will present their findings. This includes an actionable plan for the business to use the findings and address real-world business constraints including bandwidth, skills, and budget. In parallel, students will submit a technical report to the course faculty.