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Graduate uniquely qualified among your peers to diagnose and triage complex issues in the health care industry. And become a leader in the medical community. The full-time MBA program is newly STEM-designated.

5 years, 54 credits (MBA)
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The MD/MBA leverages two innovative curriculums: the Genes to Society curriculum and the Johns Hopkins MBA curriculum. With a focus on analytics and leadership, graduate ready to lead in the modern marketplace.

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Program Details

Financial Aid & Scholarships

There are numerous options for financing your education including scholarships, loans, and payment plans available to those who qualify.

Program features

Earn two degrees at the same time

By completing your MBA and your MD at the same time, students earn both degrees in five years instead of six.

Experiential learning

Our MBA curriculum leverages experiential learning to develop skills like leadership, a global mindset, resilience, and entrepreneurship. 

Become a leader 

Develop the skills to be a leader in the medical community. The MBA curriculum is designed to create leaders who can navigate ever-changing marketplaces and economies.  

Stand out 

With an MBA and MD, you will be uniquely qualified among your peers to diagnose and treat complex issues vexing the health care industry. 


The MD/MBA curriculum reflects the requirements and content of two degree programs: the Medical School Genes to Society curriculum and the Carey Business School MBA curriculum. Both are innovative approaches to education in their respective fields.

Our full-time MBA program is now STEM-designated

University catalog

The latest edition of the Carey Business School University Catalog is available.

Program comparison

  • In-person
  • Complete both degrees in five years
  • Courses held in Baltimore, MD
  • STEM-designated MBA curriculum
  • In-person
  • Complete your degree in two years
  • Courses held in Baltimore, MD
  • STEM-designated curriculum
  • Online, flexible format
  • Complete your degree in two to three years
  • Optional in-person experiences
  • Asynchronous and/or fully synchronous
Chelsea Moriarty

Personal triumph drives first MD/MBA student

Chelsea Moriarty’s career path started with a diagnosis – one that cast doubt on any career at all.
“I’m a pediatric cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with leukemia when I was nine years old,” the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School MBA/MD student recounts, almost matter-of-factly. To make this daunting news even worse, her age and type of cancer combined for a poor prognosis. Taking part in an experimental clinical trial saved her life and instilled a drive to help others in a similar situation. “I want to go to medical school, I want to help kids like me, I want to do better,” she remembers thinking at the time. “I grew up in a children’s hospital.”

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