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  • “The Summer Intensive was definitely valuable for the international students. It not only provides us with detailed guideline but also let us aware of Carey's core value. Programs are carefully developed and staffs were doing great job. We are very well prepared for upcoming teamwork. I strongly believe that Community Service Day activities clearly demonstrates the Carey's vision, "Business with Humanity in Mind". I have participated in "The Meals on Wheels", an entity that provides people in need with foods. My roles was to prepare the meal to be delivered; I stood in the line and collaborated with workers there. This experience enhanced my sense of collaboration within local area; great things are made through helping each other.” 
  • "This Summer Intensive Program makes me sure that chooseing Carey is a correct choice."
  • "During the Summer Intensive I have learned a lot about America, the cultural differences, the expected behaviors in class, the way to communicate with other people, and most importantly the realization of my own strengths and weaknesses in this country. I also have a good time here, and I hope the further study at Carey can be both joyful and educational like the Summer Intensive.” 
  • "The Summer Intensive Program really helps to adjust to this new environment. I have learned a lot from all the sessions and all the activities. In particular, I become more active in participating in classes and interacting with instructors. It is great to get familiar with Baltimore before the semesters begin. Surrounded by students from the same country, I find myself more comfortable to start to learn foreign language and culture. This program definitely prepares me to study with students from different cultures."