Work with experts to take new discoveries from lab to market.

Employers search for candidates who harness the complex interplay of science, technology, and innovation to create revolutionary business models for companies around the world. In partnership with experts across the top-ranked schools of Johns Hopkins University, Discovery to Market teaches students how to assess the commercial potential of scientific discoveries and technological innovations to create lasting impact.

“Discovery to Market integrates business, intellectual property, and science in a way few programs can. When students share this experience during interviews, prospective employers are impressed.”

Toby Gordon, ScD, Associate Professor, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

What makes Discovery to Market unique?

  • We focus on commercialization and entrepreneurship as a means to meet societal needs. By creating a successful business model, a technology can be brought to market for medical, scientific, and humanitarian purposes.
  • Students learn critical aspects of science and the fundamentals of the technology commercialization process that moves innovations from the lab to the marketplace.
  • Students bring diverse cultural, professional, and business backgrounds. They pool their knowledge to understand the technical aspects of each engagement.
  • Working in teams, students determine the feasibility of commercializing real scientific inventions such as biomarkers, medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biologics, and health IT.
  • Industry experts in entrepreneurship, law and regulation, technology, strategy, science, and medicine advise student teams throughout the project.
  • Our working agreements with project partners allow students to work on real inventions, not theoretical cases.

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School works closely with the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, School of Biomedical Engineering, the Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design, the office of Johns Hopkins Technology Transfer, the Army Medical Research and Material Command Telemedicine and Advanced Technology Research Center, and National Institutes of Health.

Associate Professor Toby Gordon
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