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Advanced Registration Spring 2019

Starting Monday, October 29, 2018

Recently, information was sent regarding registration for Spring 2019. Please read below for a recap of important dates and what actions need to be taken.

Beginning with the registration period for Spring 2019 (starting Monday, October 29, 2018), the Carey Business School will introduce an Advanced Registration process which will allow students further along in their program the opportunity to register first. This “Advanced” registration period will be available for one day only – Monday, October 29. 

The following day, Tuesday, October 30, all students who are active, and without enrollment holds in SIS, will be able to register in the Open Registration period starting at 7:00 a.m. EST.

The criteria for students to start enrollment during the Advanced Registration period applies to those who have earned 50 percent of the Carey credits (BU courses only, on any instance) for their degree program. Credits vary by degree and we will not distinguish between full-time and part-time versions. 

Students with the following total Earned Credits can register on Monday, October 29, starting at 7:00 a.m. EST. 

  • MBA greater than or equal to 28 credits
  • MS greater than or equal to 18 credits
  • *Dual MBA (all except MBA/MPH) greater than or equal to 22 credits
  • *Dual MBA/MPH greater than or equal to 33 (PH converts BU courses from 2 to 3 credits)
  • Certificate greater than or equal to 8 credits

Students will be able to register based on the number of completed or earned degree credits in their Carey program.

Earned Credit total can be found in SIS Student Self-Service, under the Registration drop-down menu, on the My Grades screen. On this screen, find the Cumulative Earned Credits* in the most recent term. This will be used by SIS to determine in which registration period a student can begin enrollment (BU credit total only).

*Dual Degree Students – please count the Carey credits (BU courses only) on the My Grades screen. This is not the same as the total number of credits earned.

If there are any questions, please contact your Academic Advisor, or email