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COVID-19: Business and Economic Impact

From understanding how government intervention affects markets to new approaches for digital leadership and more, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School faculty are dedicated to understanding the business implications of the coronavirus (COVID-19). And by working closely with health experts across the university and hospital who are leading the medical response to COVID-19, Carey’s faculty experts bring a nuanced understanding of the virus’ economic impact.

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alessandro rebucci
“Efforts that increase people’s understanding of how to effectively prevent infection can help boost their sense of control and, consequently, their psychological health.”

Alessandro Rebucci, PhD

Insights for reopening economies

As economic woes increase, many governments are reopening and struggling with how best to resume business activity while maintaining health and safety. Alessandro Rebucci, PhD, an economist and associate professor at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School, has analyzed the impact of current health interventions to stop COVID-19 as well as lessons learned from previous economic crises.


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