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students shaking hands at the career fair at the johns hopkins carey business school

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Alumni access to Handshake

If you are an alumnus interested in becoming an employer partner, visit the Handshake Employer Partner webpage for more information.

If you graduated from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School during or after 2014:

1. Send an email to Handshake@jhu.edu with your alumni email address. Include your full legal name (at the time you attended Johns Hopkins Carey), your degree, and your graduation date. Once you are notified of your account update, reset your password as follows: 

2. Visit the https://jhu.joinhandshake.com/password_resets/new

3. Follow the instructions sent to your email

If you graduated from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School before 2014:

  1. Visit the Account Registration page
  2. Select “Student / Alumni” under account type
  3. Under school, select “Johns Hopkins Cary Business School”
  4. Add your profile information
  5. Select “Create Account”

To login once your account has been updated or created:

1. Visit the Handshake Login page

2. Select Sign in with your email address, below the blue box for Current Students

3. Enter your email address and select Next

4. Select Or log in using your Handshake credentials, below the blue box for Current Students

5.  Enter your email address and password

6.  Click My Profile on the top right

7.  Complete your profile by adding a photo, determining your career interests, and uploading your resume after utilizing using VMock  for review.

8.  Begin searching hundreds of jobs and internships and register for career coaching sessions

Follow the instructions in this video to complete your Handshake profile. 


Take full advantage of Handshake’s dynamic, career-enhancing features by visiting the Handshake Help Center for guides, courses, and a listing of upcoming webinars. You can also review our resource, Complete Your Account, for a short guide to getting started with Handshake.

Visit the Handshake Help Center for more information, and view this short video tutorial below for additional guidance.

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