MS in Business Analytics and Risk Management

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    ““Business really shouldn’t be a tool that makes yourself a better living. It should be a tool that makes the whole world live better.”” Yao Zheng | Student | MS in Enterprise Risk Management
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    “The Carey Business School Enterprise Risk Management program is about training managers to handle the risk that goes along with running an enterprise. The students who leave this program are much better equipped than a typical MBA and most managers, to be honest with you. ” Chester Chambers | Faculty | MS in Business Analytics and Risk Management

For 139 years, the Johns Hopkins University's research and work has guided society through uncertain times. That same legacy threads through this program as students use the latest analytics tools to study risk from multiple perspectives.



36 credits, 1 year


$68,900 per year


$100 Application Fee

$500 Matriculation Fee

Inside Look Into MS in Business Analytics and Risk Management

Program Features

Previously known as the MS in Enterprise Risk Management, the MS in Business Analytics and Risk Management degree provides graduates with the tools and knowledge to:

  • Develop a thorough understanding of risk.
  • Protect shareholder value by managing the downside of risk.
  • Position the organization to better leverage the upside of uncertain outcomes
  • Increase supply chain responsiveness and resilience.
  • Effectively communicate across firm boundaries regarding risk management.
  • Develop and implement a crisis management communications plan.
  • Thoroughly assess insurance needs.
  • Develop plans to protect reputation, information, financial assets, and personnel.
  • Improve decision making at all levels of the organization.

The MS in Business Analytics and Risk Management can be completed full-time at the Carey Business School's Washington, D.C. center.

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Sample Curriculum

The full-time, 36-credit MS in Business Analytics and Risk Management includes the following courses, but course sequence and availability of specific electives may vary. Students must consult with an academic adviser to ensure that they take courses in the approved sequence.

Descriptions for the following courses can be found in the JHU Student Information System Course Search.


Business Foundations Core (18 credits)

  • BU.210.620 Accounting and Financial Reporting
  • BU.913.610 Business Analytics
  • BU.120.601 Business Communication
  • BU.131.601 Business Leadership and Human Values
  • BU.231.620 Corporate Finance
  • BU.350.620 Information Systems
  • BU.410.620 Marketing Management
  • BU.680.620 Operations Management
  • BU.510.601 Statistical Analysis 

Functional Core (6 credits)

  • BU.520.620 Advanced Business Analytics
  • BU.510.650 Data Analytics
  • BU.610.625 Simulation and Strategic Options

Electives (12 credits)

Business Analytics Electives

  • BU.520.710 Big Data Machine Learning
  • BU.450.760 Customer Analytics
  • BU.330.780 Data Science and Business Intelligence
  • BU.610.630 Insurance and Risk Management
  • BU.300.620 Managing Complex Projects
  • BU.230.730 Managing Financial Risk
  • BU.610.730 Supply and Service Contracting

Risk Management Electives

  • BU.132.601 Business Law
  • BU.231.720 Corporate Governance
  • BU.610.705 Crisis Management
  • BU.330.730 Cybersecurity
  • BU.520.701 Enterprise Risk Management Frameworks
  • BU.230.750 Financial Crises and Contagion
  • BU.610.750 Global Supply Chain Management

Students who complete this program between May 2018 and August 2018 are eligible to continue their studies in a complementary new area with Carey's Second Degree Option. More information is available on the Second Degree Options page

Tuition & Fees

For Academic Year 2017-2018

  Tuition Application FEE Matriculation Fee Registration Per Semester Graduation Fee
Full-Time $68,900 (for entire 12-month program) $100 $500 $0 $0

All fees are nonrefundable. 

  • Late Registration Fee: $250
  • Late Payment Fee: $250
  • Returned Check Fee: $35
  • Payment Plan Termination Fee: $75
  • Delinquent Account Collection Fee: 25% of the outstanding debt

Learn more about the financial assistance available to students.

Life (and Career) After Graduation

Our Career Development team is committed to providing opportunities for you to build professional skills and competencies that are essential for success in the career search. 

Graduates of the MS in Business Analytics and Risk Management have gone on to start or advance their careers in operations and logistics. Employers have included:

  • Apple
  • General Motors
  • IBM
  • International Monetary Fund
  • Johns Hopkins Medicine
  • Proctor & Gamble
  • Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC)
  • U.S. Department of Defense

The most recent MS in Business Analytics and Risk Management career data is available here.

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Chester Chambers, PhD, discusses the strengthens and benefits of the Business Analytics and Risk Management degree program at Carey.